Thursday, March 30

Remember me? 

Sorry for the lack of posting. Been pretty busy with school stuff (ha!).

Mrs. Coob and I are heading out town manana. If y'all need to reach me, I can be found here on Saturday, here on Sunday, and here on Monday. We'll return to The Republic Monday night. Maybe posting will resume on regular basis at that time.

In the meantime, scheduling begins for the Fall on Monday. Here's a list of classes. What do y'all recommend I take? I'm thinking Admiralty, Oil & Gas, Wills & Estates, Mediation, and a one or two hour class. I expect full participation.


Thursday, March 23

Still hangin' 'round 

Yeah, I'm still around...just in another blogger funk--not much to say or contribute.

Spring Break was fine. Didn't do much other than play golf, watch tv, and read non school stuff.

That's about it.


Tuesday, March 14


Well, I checked in earlier to write about some stuff, but Blogger was acting like a little bitch. So now I'll just write about snakes.

While playing golf yesterday, Astrosfan and I came upon a snake as we search for my, er, his ball. What kind? A Titleist. Oh, the snake. It was a rattle/asp/anaconda/boa hybrid. It was huge. And fast. And it made me soil my britches.

Seeing that snake got me to thinking about two things: one was the Rattlesnake Round-up held every year in Sweetwater, Texas, and the other was the time my brother got bit by a rattlesnake and had to be flown by LifeFlight from Laredo to San Antonio.

The Round-up
The Rattlesnake Round-up is much fun and I highly recommend it. I base this on the time I attended the festivities when I was about twelve years old. We lived just down the interstate (IH-20) back then, and one year we made the trip to Sweetwater. We saw the huge pens with all the rattlers in them. We ate rattlesnake. And then we went home.

Stupid Brother Coob
A few years ago my brother and his crew were driving to a work site "out in the country" in South Texas. After running over a rattlesnake, my brother decided he wanted to keep the rattler as a souvenir. So he put the truck in Reverse and backed over the snake. His thinking was that this second drive-over would surely kill the thing. So, he gets out of the truck, walks over to the immobile body of the snake, and reaches down to claim his prize (the rattle). Little did he know that the snake was still alive and not yet willing to part ways with its rattler. Predictably it struck him, hitting him on his hand. The venom quickly began to affect him and he was rushed to the ER at a hospital in Laredo. They didn't have the proper antidote and couldn't wait for someone to drive it down from San Antonio, so they called for the helicopter. He got the antidote, fixed his hand, and all was well.

That Christmas I gave my brother a shirt. I folded it nicely and put it in one of those clothes boxes that are tailor made (no pun intended) for articles of clothing and gift giving. Anyhow, I neatly folded the tissue paper to cover the shirt with one flap which was then covered by the other flap of tissue paper. Now, in between the flaps of tissue paper I placed a rubber snake and covered it with the outer most flap of tissue paper, so that it (the snake) could not be seen until the flap was unfolded. He screamed and jumped like a little girl when he opened that flap. It was great.

And on his next birthday I placed a baby's rattle in a box and wrapped the box. When he shook the box he heard the sound of the rattle and dropped the box (and screamed). Classic. Good times.


Sunday, March 12

and yet another quick update 

- I decided not to take the MPRE on Saturday. I just didn't feel like I was ready for it. And as easy as everyone makes it out to be, I have plenty of time to adequately prepare for it. There's no fire that needed to be put out, so I don't know what my hurry was in attempting to take it now.

- I won the Texas Hold 'Em tourney yesterday. Boy, was I lucky!!

- I picked this up yesterday. Milbarge (sic) (of BTQ fame) speaks/writes highly of it. I trust his judgment.

- Mrs. Coob and I saw Failure to Launch this afternoon. I wasn't really in the mood for a romantic comedy, but there's little to no real alternative(s) at the box office right now. Anyhow, this movie was surprisingly funny. It far surpassed my expectations, which admittedly were pretty low. But still, it's a good movie. There are some hilarious scenes. And there are some dreadful scenes--like seeing Terry Bradshaw's nature's crack.

- Spring Break's here. No trip to Maui this year (unlike last year). But I will play lots of golf (in fact, if anys(ies?) of yous needs me, I can be found here tomorrow morning (Monday)). And maybe work on my seminar paper.


Tuesday, March 7


- Went to Dallas this past weekend to catch the Stars in action. Great game. They beat Colorado 5-3.

- Went to an Oscar watching party Sunday night. Good time. Still don't understand why everyone thinks Crash is such a great movie, but whatev.

- "Studying" for the MPRE this week. And I use the term 'studying' loosely.

- Got a Texas Hold 'Em poker tournament this weekend. Need to shake off the rust. I didn't play any THE in Vegas a couple of weeks ago. Mainly stuck to Blackjack until I discovered Pai Gow. Anyhow, I should be ok--I'll just watch Rounders Friday night to get my game back.


Friday, March 3


I'm about to open up and get real personal up in here. I'm about to shed some light on a very personal matter. And y'all know I don't normally open up like this.

Remember that scene in Caddyshack when Judge Smails got hit in the nads with a golf ball?

Well, today that happened to me.

No kidding.

My group was on the 16th. I was on the fairway about to take my shot when this wayward Titleist lasered in from the 17th. Bullseye. Right on the family jewels. Not above, below, to the left, or to the right, but right on. It sucked. Still does.

I had to be carted away by the marshall, and I didn't finish my round.

I skipped class (Evidence) to play golf today and I figure this was Karma telling me not to skip class to play golf.

Message received.

* Alternate title: I shoulda yelled 'two'!


Thursday, March 2

God Bless Texas!! 

Today is the day we Texans celebrate Texas Independence Day.

What's that? You don't know what this means? Well, then click here and learn something useful.

You also might want to check out my post from last year.

So, today if you see a Texan who for whatever reason has left the Republic, slap him/her on the back, wish him/her a good day, and buy him/her a cold Shiner Bock or Lone Star.

God Bless and Happy Texas Independence Day.


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