Monday, February 27


- Back from Vegas. Great time. Picked up a new game--Pai Gow Poker. Effin' awesome.

- While flipping through channels last night Mrs. Coob and I caught the redneck version of Pimp My Ride and it's called Trick My Truck. It airs on CMT. Instead of overhauling vehicles of college kids (who request the treatments themselves) like on PMR, this show customizes rigs of truck drivers who are down on their luck and need a helping hand. For example, there was a marine whose 18 month old daughter was diagnosed with cancer and his rig kept breaking down, so the guys tricked out his truck. Anyhow, just like PMR, these guys paint, install awesome electronics, and stuff.

- Got an email asking if I've downloaded any other awesomely great songs lately. Sure did. Here's a sampling: Yellow Ledbetter by Pearl Jam, Just Like Heaven by The Cure, St. Elmo's Fire (Man in Motion), End of the Road by Boyz II Men, and Hey Jealousy by the Gin Blossoms.


Wednesday, February 22


Not a whole lot's going on here. But here's the 411:

- Mrs. Coob is back from the Islands. She got to go diving while I sat in FIT a few time zones away. Life's fair. Real fair.

- Classes are chugging along. No real complaints. Except for FIT. We recently learned we'll need a financial calculator for the final exam. WTF? Advanced math in law school?

- Still looking for a job for part of the summer. I have something nailed down for the second half--I'll again be leaving The Republic, but this time instead of heading to our nation's capital I'll be heading to a state in the southeast-ish. I have a couple of leads for the first half, but we'll see what happens. Maybe in the future I can tell y'all how I originally accepted an offer only to be cut loose a couple weeks later.

- Someone gets to go to Vegas this weekend. Vegas, baby, Vegas!!!! It's been a few years since I was last there. Should be fun.

- Winter Olympics. Uh, yeah. Ok.

And that's about it. Exciting huh?

Anything particular you folks wanna hear about? (TP, I still owe you a post on my cancer days...which I've been meaning to write, especially since I had a check-up last week and it got me thinking about that wonderful time in my life)


Monday, February 13

Takin' a stroll down Memory Lane 

I redeemed a few Lexis points and downloaded several songs from iTunes. What did I download? Classics. All of them.

- Posse On Broadway by Sir Mix-A-Lot. Takes me back to junior high. We'd listen to this song over and over again on the bus during road trips for out of town football games (Fall of 8th grade year, I guess that was 1988). Sometimes we didn't even need the boom box and we'd all just shout the lyrics. It was our theme song, I guess. Good times.

- Thinking of 8th grade got me to thinking about other songs from junior high, so I indulged in a guilty pleasure and downloaded a couple of Debbie Gibson songs- No More Rhyme and Foolish Beat. Sugary pop sung by a hottie. Good times.

- Assorted songs by Poison, including Every Rose Has Its Thorn, Talk Dirty To Me, and Fallen Angel. Since I was in a nostalgic mood, I had to get some hair band tunes. I was big into many hair 'metal' bands back in the day, including Poison.

- And to satisfy the country boy in me, I downloaded a couple of Eddie Rabbitt songs- Drivin' My Life Away and I Love a Rainy Night. These songs are just timeless. Period.

Laugh all y'all want. I'm having a great time listening to these soon-to-be Goldie Oldies.

What would YOU download if you were given 10 free downloads?


Friday, February 3

Two utes 

When my partner and I did our first round of the mock trial competition we represented the defendants. In my opening statement I wanted so badly to start with, "Everything that guy just said? It's bullshit." But I didn't.

And last night when we represented the plaintiffs I wanted so badly to start with, "You're probably asking yourselves- who am I and what am I doing here?" But I didn't.

Maybe if I had done either we would've advanced.

Oh well, we got out of the competition what we wanted. I learned a ton of stuff. It was a great experience and I highly recommend all you 1Ls (assuming there are any lurking) to give it a shot at some point during law school. I also recommend you give Moot Court a shot, too. I really enjoyed that competition even though, like Mock Trial, I didn't advance very far.


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