Tuesday, January 31

Trial and Error 

Well, the practice/educational round of the novice mock trial competition went well last night. We were far from perfect, but we learned a lot-- not only procedure-wise, but about holes in our case that need patching before the scored round tonight.

With regards to grades, I'm still missing two final grades...what gives?

UPDATE: My partner and I won our first round in the mock trial competition. Now we flip sides and go again tomorrow night (against a different team). We'll know on Friday whether we advance or not.


Monday, January 30

Grades, part MMCXVIII 

Am pissed.

Grades were due this past Friday. As of two minutes ago, my grades for three classes have not yet been posted. WTF!?

Of course, I'm sure this will ultimately be an example of being careful what I wish for, because I imagine when I DO get my grades I'll be pissed for different reasons altogether.

UPDATE: Secured Credit's in. That's all I'm gonna say about that.



A friend and I are participating in a novice mock trial competition this week. I know zero evidence (taking it now) and even less about most other trial things. There's an educational round tonight and tomorrow night is Round I. I just hope I don't begin my opening statement by using last year's moot court opening...


Wednesday, January 25

I Got Plenty O' Nuttin' 

I gots nuthin', folks.

Classes are chugging along. FIT prof is rather entertaining. BA's awesome. Evidence is about what I expected (same prof from Torts last Spring). My seminar's looking like it's going to be great. Am really excited about this class.

Still gots nuthin'. Actually, I've had one grade since late December. Another class was Pass/Fail and I've got my 'pass'. So, I'm still waiting on three grades. They're due on Friday. Something tells me I'll get them during or after the weekend.

A group of friends/classmates and I have decided to start playing at least one round of golf a week. We originally wanted to do this last semester, but OCI and stuff prevented us from ever getting around to playing. This semester there's really no excuse. So, we're playing Friday afternoon. Should be lots of fun.

Vegas. Just learned I'll be in Vegas at the end of February for a bachelor party. The guy getting married is a great friend of mine. When I lost my hair during my chemo treatment he shaved his head to show his support. And to get the chicks. We learned that chicks dig bald heads that year. Anyhow, he's finally gittin' hitched so we're taking him to Vegas for his last hurrah. Rumor has it that I had my bachelor party in Vegas. I can neither confirm nor deny that rumor. Actually, I can confirm it.

And because I'm going to Vegas with the boys, Mrs. Coob is heading to Hawaii with her sister and the girls. They'll be heading out to the islands in a couple of weeks.

Well, by the looks of the above text it appears I did have something afterall. Go figure.


Sunday, January 22


Shiver me timbers!

The U.S.S. Winston S. Churchill captured a pirate ship. How cool is that?

I wonder if the Black Pearl is next?


Wednesday, January 18

Back to school 

Classes started this past Tuesday. Here's the line up for this semester: Business Associations, Federal Income Tax, Evidence, and a Seminar class on Legal Problems of the Border. So far I like 'em all. Even the profs.

The Break ended at just about the right time. I remember last year I was ready to get to school...the break was way too long. This time around, because our final exam period ran a week longer (last final exam day was the 23rd of December), our break was shorter.

The Break itself was fine. I slept. I read. Did some driving around Texas. And I watched movies.

What did I read? Well, I finished Under the Black Flag and The World Is Flat. I also started and finished Journey by Michener. And just before classes started I began Team of Rivals.

Where did I drive to? I drove up to the Big Country to see my grandfather who's not doing too well. I went back home to the B.C. for a graduation party of my sister and her friends (she has two close friends who also graduated a semester early from college, so they threw a big party back home). I also went up to the Metroplex to see G, a friend. We did some boat shopping. Tis the season for boat shows down here in The Republic.

I also got my money's worth from Netflix. Of course, during the semester I would watch movies every week, so the break was really no different than the semester. A friend of mine recommended a while back that I might like Rumpole of the Bailey. So I watched each season through Netflix. BTW, I did like Rumpole. Mrs. Coob did not.

Mrs. Coob, Astros fan, another friend, and I went to a minor league hockey game last weekend. That was loads of fun. Mrs. Coob and I are talking about heading up to Buffalo, NY to catch a Sabres game in February.

Let's see. What else? Oh yeah, I also accepted a summer job offer and declined an offer. The one I declined hurt me to do so. Big firm, yes, but it was in D.C. Unfortunately, they don't allow for split summers and I had already accepted an offer from another firm.

I think that about sums up my break.

All in all, the break was needed and I had fun. And I got some rest. Time to get back into the groove of things.


Friday, January 13

Friday Night 

Mrs. Coob's outta town tonight so it's just me and Pero de Coob. We're watching Top Gun. I don't think she's ever seen it. I think--because of her rapid tail wagging--she likes it. Why don't they make great movies like this anymore?

I have to take defensive driving tomorrow (9-3 pm, free meal, and it's a comedy course). Why do I have to take defensive driving? Because I got caught speeding returning to Austin from a World Series game in Houston (Game Four) back in October. 75 in a 60. What can I say- I felt the need for speed.


Thursday, January 12

Life's good 

Buffalo wings, cold beer, and the Alito hearings on C-Span. What more could a Coob ask for?


Tuesday, January 3


Sorry for the absence, but not much is going on.

New Year's Eve was just peachy. Mrs. Coob had an event to attend for work, so I tagged along. The invite said the dress was 'formal' so I wore my tux. Little did I know that 'formal' attire to this group meant jeans and a shirt. To be fair, there were several suits. But no other tuxes. Except for the waitstaff. I hate it when that happens. I just know that at least one person was wondering why the waiter was sitting down and eating.

Rose Bowl
Mrs. Coob and I were supposed to board a plane in about an hour to fly to California for the Rose Bowl. We were going to fly into and stay in San Diego. We were going to drive up for the game and then drive back afterwards. We were looking forward to cheering on the Horns and spending a couple of days in San Diego.

But what's that saying about the best laid plans of mice and men? Yeah, well, turns out that we was scammed!! The seller of our "tickets" jacked us around. We have no tickets, so we cancelled our flight, hotel, and rental car reservations. I'm working with my credit card company to try and get my money back.

So instead of being at the game in person, we're going over to a friend's house to watch the game.

Still no grades. I think I'm going to drop my Texas Civil Procedure- Survey class and add Federal Income Tax. Any thoughts on this move? There's at least a 50-50 chance I won't be in Texas after I graduate so I figure I should stay away from Texas specific classes. Plus, I can always learn the material in BarBri, right?

I've registered to take the MPRE on March 11. Any tips?


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