Monday, December 26

Christmas wrap-up 

Hope y'all had a good Christmas weekend. Mine wasn't too bad. Here's how it went down:


Friday, December 23

Half full or half empty? 

Well, I suppose it's official- I'm at the half-way point of my law school career.

Yesterday's final wasn't too bad. There were, again, LOTS of faces I had never seen before. Who are these people? I mean, I didn't have perfect attendance (not even close), but the room for the Extegrity users (laptop exam takers) was twice as full as a normal class day...crazy! I wish I could find a bitchin' outline to serve as my guide and crutch during finals (and the semester, I suppose). Anyhow, the exam itself was about what I expected. Like so many other finals in my law school career, I feel pretty decent about it. But I learned long ago that the way I feel after a final exam bears absolutely no relation to the grade I will receive in about a month.

Anyhow, I'm half-way to becoming a real, honest-to-goodness lawyer. Scary.

I've got a few days of travel coming up....doing Christmas with my dad and his side of the family later today, going to the Saints-Lions game tomorrow and then tearing it up on the Riverwalk tomorrow night (if you're around, come find me--I'll be the drunk 2.5L), and then spending Christmas day with Mrs. Coob's family.

Y'all have a safe and happy Christmas. Catch ya on the flip side.


Thursday, December 22

Uno mas 

Last final of the semester is later today (at 1:30 pm). The class is Con Law II. No problem, right? That was my thinking during these last two full study days. I felt I already knew enough to take the exam and come out ok. And then last night I was emailing with a classmate and I finally got around to looking at old exam questions.

Holy cow!

Oh, how I wish I had that time back!! My approach was all wrong...need to get up to speed on a couple of issues.

Anyhow, I've got all morning to try and learn something before the slaughter begins.

Once this exam is over, I'll be at the half-way mark of my law school career. Wish me luck.


Tuesday, December 20

Is it me? 

So, anyone else have trouble concentrating on their last final exam of the semester?

Last Fall, I had the damnedest time focusing for my last final- Property. Last Spring it was Torts, I think. This semester it's Con Law II (final exam's on Thursday). Must. Focus. On. Notes. And/or. Outline. It's like Senioritis, but not for graduating seniors.

I'm just ready for this semester to be over and am ready to begin my Christmas vacation. So many movies to see...so many books to read...so many hours to sleep through...


weird ass dream 

There's a group of us (me and others from school) who've been accepted to summer internship/clerkships with a state agency. We show up at their offices on the first day and check in with the receptionist at the front. Also, there's a group of "illegals" who are there to apply for a Sanitation Engineer position. Anyhow, Astrosfan is pumped because he was assigned to the Wills division, which is what he wanted (and I don't know why this agency even has a Wills & Estates practice). After checking in, and not knowing where I'm assigned, I'm told to take the elevator to floor X, along with the illegals. I get there and the lady tells me I've been assigned to the air conditioning and plumbing class. I'm to take the class- their in-house training program- and become certified to work on their a/c machines. I think it's odd, but I go to the classroom where I think about it and realize there's been a mistake and I get steamed, thinking they assigned me to this class because of how I look and not because of my qualifications (I'm a law student!!! here for a legal job!!!!). I go back to the assignment lady and ask her if there's been a mistake. I inform her I'm there for their legal internship program and she tells me there's been no mistake, that I was properly assigned. I then tell her it ain't gonna work, I thank her for her time and apologize for wasting their time and tell her I'm leaving...that's it's just not going to work out. She then rips into me about how I'm an elitist and think I'm better than everyone else who's been assigned to that A/C class...that she's been to medical school and is content with being a secretary...that i shouldn't be such a snob and expect a cushy job...that I should have the hands of a 'worker'.

And then I woke up.

I think the dream is telling me that I indeed failed yesterday's Secured Credit exam and I should start looking elsewhere for career opportunities.


Monday, December 19

For the record 

I hate afternoon exams.

It's not so much that I'm a morning person, because I don't think am. I function well at all times of the day, except late nights. But I just feel fresher, sharper, and more 'with it' during the mornings of exams.

I guess there are two basic schools of thought on this: one camp prefers to use the morning for any last minute cramming/review and the other prefers not to waste time (either you know the material or not) and would rather take the exam, get it over with, and enjoy the rest of the day- guilt free. Guess which camp I belong in. I could watch Ellen in a couple of minutes, but I'd feel extremely guilty for not doing any last-minute reviewing. But really, will I learn anything that sticks during these couple of hours that precede the exam? I guess my attitude would change if the exam were completely closed book. As it is, this particular exam (Secured Transactions) allows us to bring in our statutory supplement (UCC and Bankruptcy Code). He's already told us all the answers are in there...I just need to find them during the exam, right? So why cause an ulcer stressing over 'things'?

I bet I'm singing a different tune this afternoon after I've taken this exam...something like, "I should've crammed this morning and perfected (no pun intended) my understanding of A9-307(f)(3).


Sunday, December 18

Article 9 

Whose bright idea was it to take this course on Article 9 of the UCC?

Yesterday many hours of study group resulted in more confusion than clarity for me. We're giving it another go this afternoon (the final's tomorrow afternoon- 1:30 pm). Strictly going through old exams...none of this delving into abstract hypos that'll never see the light of day as an exam question. Or will they??

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...


Birthday: Update 

I got an email asking about my birthday. Per your request, here's the 411:

I turned 31 this past Thursday. Yup. Thirty-friggin'-one. There was a time in my life when I thought 30 was so old...but now I know I'm still wet behind the ears. But I still maintain it's not the years that count, but the mileage. And I've got more miles on this body than Santa has in his sleigh.

And yes, I really did have a final exam on my birthday. It's one of the down-sides of having a December birthday/end of semester birthdays--I suppose May birthdays experience the same thing. So, I took the final, came home...ate lunch, watched a movie (Mr. & Mrs. Smith), ran a couple of errands, and met Mrs. Coob and one of our couple friends (a/k/a "your stinkin' Married Friends" as G calls 'em) for dinner at my favorite Chinese restaurant. Yes, I know it's a chain, but damned if they don't have THE BEST Kung Pao chicken.

Anyhow, it was a really great day. The final wasn't so bad. It was basically what I expected so no surprises. I then got to relax, get some stuff taken care of, and eat. What more could a Coob ask for?


Thursday, December 15


I've got my PR final in about three hours.

I don't know why, but I just couldn't get motivated to study for this exam. It might be because it's open book and open notes. But I know that's a false sense of security. Either I know the stuff or I don't. I really won't have time to look things up. It might be because it's only a two credit class with a two hour final- half MC/TF and one essay.

The guys over at Barely Legal have referred to Torts as the gym class of law school. I think PR is the gym of class of law school. It's a required class that no one respects or likes. The material isn't difficult or challenging in the way that say, Secured Credit/Transactions is. At least Torts can be entertaining. PR is not.

I dunno. Maybe the real reason I can't get psyched for this exam is because today is my birthday. And dammit, I shouldn't have to take a final exam on my birthday.


Wednesday, December 14

Random stuff 


Tuesday, December 13

Does It Really Matter 

So I have a final in, oh, about seven and half hours. Am I ready for it? Does it really matter if I am? Seriously.

I've learned that the Staircase Method of grading is more than just a myth. How else is my Contracts grade explained? I mean, I don't know jack about it and yet it's the highest grade of my law school career. And the classes in which I thought I knew a thing or two about the topic? Yeah, not so much.

So it leads me to believe that no matter how much I prepare I just won't be able to replicate that glorious K grade. I've accepted the fact that there are kids at school who just think and operate at a higher level than I do. Thems your smart types. No matter how much I study, no matter how inside-out I know the material, these kids will see and spot things I can only dream about seeing and spotting. They'll write about things that'll make my head spin. And I'm cool with this. It's allowed me to realize that I shouldn't bang my head against a wall and stress about even thinking about doing well on the exam, because in the end I'll end up in the average range. I can either bust my hump to try and compete with the smart kids (only to come crashing down to earth when grades come out) or I can do just enough to ensure I won't be in that bottom part of the class.

Horrible attitude to have? Maybe.

Is this an accurate assessment of the situation? I think so.

Is this calling it quits and throwing in the towel? I don't think so.

I'll still do some last minute studying before my exam. I feel confident in my grasp and understanding of the material. I feel good about this one (this may be the first time in my short law school career where I feel this confident). But here's the rub- I can only imagine everyone else is in the same boat. Especially the smart ones. So, while I feel I can make this exam my bitch, I know it'll make me its. Or rather, I'll come out in the middle. And I'm cool with that.


Monday, December 12

Gettin' the Led out 

Who knew Zepp was great music to listen to while studying for State & Local Govt?


Finals...and stuff 

Well, the younger sibling walked across the stage without tripping. Now, if she can only pass that one last final she must take on Weds...

As for me, I have my first final tomorrow- State & Local Govt. Will be interesting. I should get back to Tiebout and Mr. Dillon.


Friday, December 9

'till Gabriel blows his horn 

My lil' sis graduates from the University of Texas at Austin this evening.

I'm very proud of her. She's graduating a semester early and will receive a degree in Psychology, so she's joining the ranks of the Liberal Arts "You want fries with that?" network. She plans on taking the GRE in a month or two and plans on beginning a graduate program next Fall.

Anyhow, because she "walks" this evening, lots of family will be in town for the pomp and circumstance. This means lots of entertaining this afternoon, evening, and tomorrow morning. When's a Coob supposed to study? Study, schmudy. This is a big day for her and I still have plenty of time to learn all I need to know for my finals (which begin next week).

Congrats, sista Coob!! Welcome to the group known as Texas Exes.

Hook 'em!


Thursday, December 8


It's cold outside. Very unusual for this time of year 'round these parts. Normally we get our day or three of cold weather* in Jan or Feb.

This weather makes me want to stay in bed and have a Godfather movie marathon. But, today is officially the last day of classes for the semester...so go to campus I must- after the campus opens up at 10am (late opening because of the cold weather). I have two classes that'll bookend a happy hour study session hosted by a prof at a local dive near the law school.

*By cold weather I mean- freezing temps, bring in/cover the plants.

UPDATE: all classes are cancelled and the campus is closed for the day. Now who's gonna pay for my beer this afternoon?


Tuesday, December 6


Yeah, so is it any wonder that the day I choose to post something for the first time in months is the day Blogger decides it wants to crap out?

Anyhow, VH1 contacted me about doing some sort of reality show based on people who used to blog, but then took a break, but also have dogs and drive motorcycles to roller derbies, but who've also decided that maybe, just maybe, regular blogging might again be in their future. Anyhow, after seeing Danny Bonaduce and Hulk Hogan give reality tv a whirl, I've decided to decline VH1's offer. As Toby Keith has sanged: I ain't as good as I once was, but I'm as good once as I ever was.


Monday, December 5

Is there anybody in there? 

Just nod if you can hear me...

*mic tap*

Hello, is this thing on?


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