Saturday, August 27

Outta here 

I've decided to shut this bad boy down.

I'll still lurk around and read y'all's blogs, but I think the days of posting are over for me.


Tuesday, August 23

Little Giant 

So I'm watching the Little League World Series, right? Saudi Arabia is playing Venezuela. And I kid you not, there's a kid on the Saudi team who is six feet and five inches tall. The dude towers over the other kids. The dude towers over me.


Heads and necks 

The other day I watched on old episode of Inside the Actors Studio, when Ben Stiller was the guest. I generally think Ben's funny, but he was funny looking in this appearance. His makeup person should be shot. His face was nice and tan looking, I assume as a result of makeup. But his neck was as a pale as a vampire who hasn't seen the sun in ages. Anyhow, it was damned near impossible to watch that show seeing a "tan" face atop a pasty white neck. Effin' weird looking.


Saturday, August 20

Hey, Scooby, where are you? 

Soupie and Larry, what happened? Where'd y'all go?

Anyone know?


Thursday, August 18

Somebody save me 

Earlier this summer I think I mentioned that I became hooked on the WB's Smallville. My host family in DC has a college kid who's guilty of this. I watched the complete first season and the first half of the second season while I was up there.

A couple of days ago I signed up and joined Netflix so that I can rent and watch the rest of season two and all of seasons three and four. Today the three discs of the latter half of season two arrived in the mail.

I'm in Smallvilleland right now. But I can't understand why there are zero fat people in Smallville High.


Kill da wabbit 

So I'm at a small, social gathering over at a friend's place the other night, and we're watching one of the worst movies of all time, Gymkata. Yes, there was a drinking game involved.

Anyhooooo, after the feature film, the host remembers that he has the new (well, new to me) R. Kelly 'urban opera' in/on his TiVo, so we watch the five-part video for "Trapped In The Closet"...absolutely hilarious!!

As funny as I found Mr. Kelly's 'urban opera', it pales in comparison to the Warner Brothers classic What's Opera, Doc?


Tuesday, August 16

Long Live The King 

First, a moment of silence for The King.

OK, good to be back. The second summer job ended yesterday. I might post more about it later, but short story- I really liked it...had the opportunity to work on many legal issues with some truly talented and bright attorneys. All in all, it was a great experience.

I now find myself with about two weeks before classes begin. Two weeks to sleep, read, watch tv (the Rose Bowl is currently in the dvd player), and work on this Honey Do List. Two weeks to just vege (sp). Anyhow, I'm ready for a short break.


Thursday, August 4

Gimme another drink, barkeep 

I've decided to stick around this blogosphere thing. And I think I'll continue on the current course and write about the same stuff as the past few months- school, personal, etc. I'll stay away from policy and politics and probably also heavy legal stuff, but am thinking of starting another blog which'll focus on those issues and less on the personal and school stuff.

I also plan on making some changes to this place...kinda old and plain. It needs some spice. Maybe I should head to the Island of the Spices. Actually, I have a friend who's from there and she's back on the island visiting relatives right now. Maybe I'll just shoot her an email and ask her to bring back some Blog Spice.

Work's going great right now. I really enjoy the work I've been assigned. The attorneys are all brilliant. Sometimes I feel like I don't belong in that group, but I think I'm holding my own. I have just under two weeks left at this job. And then I'll have two weeks to chill before classes begin.

Speaking of classes, I dropped Federal Income Tax and added Secured Credit. I've been advised that learning SC alone or in BarBri is very difficult...that learning FIT in there is much easier. This was a pretty universal opinion in the informal survey I conducted of alumni of my law school and other attorneys. My issue now is whether I should drop the one hour writing component of Secured Credit. It requires a 15-20 page paper on a secured credit topic. Seems like a whole lotta work for just one hour's worth of credit--way worse than LRW. If I do decide to drop it, I'll most likely attempt a Directed Study with last year's Property professor, who also happens to be a professor for two of my classes this Fall. The topic I have in mind is 100% relevant to one of this prof's Fall classes and it's timely, too. We'll see. I know it, too, will be lots of work, but at least I can get anywhere from 1-6 credits for it.

Aiiight, that's enough for now. I'll check back in later. We can talk OCI.


Wednesday, August 3

Damn! I'm stoopid 

Even though I recently forgot my password and wound up changing it, I again forgot it (the new one) and spent the last few days trying to figure it out before giving up.

Sometimes I feel like I'm just taking up space and using other people's air= worthless.


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