Tuesday, June 28

What's the deal, pickle? 

G'day fellow bloggers.

Sorry for the absence, but things have been a tad busy the past several days.

First, I am back in The Republic. I arrived at ABIA after a two and half hour delay Friday night. It's great to be home.

Mrs. Coob and I spent most of the weekend out at the lake. We dived/dove (which is proper? Anyone know?) Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning at Windy Point. Wasn't bad, wasn't great. Visibility left a LOT to be desired, but it was a great opportunity to keep the skills up and build up confidence and whatnot, especially considering I somehow got separated from my dive buddy (and group) and well, got lost. Not to worry, my training kicked in and I did what I was supposed to do. All in all, it was a good dive weekend.

After Sunday morning's dive, I watched the Horns win their 6th National Championship in baseball. Good game. Good series. Great season. I just wish I would've seen more games, especially since I had the Sports Pass the Spring Semester.

Mrs. Coob and I had a great bike ride this morning. Short and quick, but it felt great. I think morning rides will be a new activity for us. Get in a quick ride during the week before the sun becomes unbearable and before the official workday begins.

That's about it from this end. I spent most of yesterday running errands. Will likely wrap up the errands today.

Oh yeah, I FINALLY saw the latest Star Wars flick. I didn't think it was nearly as bad as some friends think it is. I actually liked it.

Before I forget, my first summer gig has ended. I LOVED it. I had a great time in DC. I enjoyed working on and learning so many things. The people are incredibly smart and dedicated to their jobs. It's funny, my grades may not reflect it, but I actually learned some stuff in 1L classes that I was able to apply at that job (torts, civ pro, con law). I now have a week off before I start my next gig, which is at a state entity. Same rules as last time- I won't name the entity, won't describe the job, and won't write about it in any detail.

Anyhow, time to grab a quick shower and tackle the day.


ps- Friday's Spies...I didn't have time to do 'em this past week. And I think it's already too late to do 'em now, so I'll just skip this week and catch up this Friday.


Wednesday, June 22

grades update 

Civ Pro grade is posted. Same grade as Torts. Could be worse, but could be better, too. Still, evidently the grade I got last semester in K was a fluke. It appears that I am indeed a piss poor student.

I shudder to think what my grade in Crim will be.

Oh well, this is a nice, humbling experience. My lofty dreams of having a stellar academic career (while in law school) and of getting a "good job" have flown out the window. I'm back to slacker Coob who just wants the damed degree.

Give me the J.D. and to hell with all this other stuff ('cept for the journal I'm on).

UPDATE: Crim came in this morning. It's what I was expecting. Is also better than civ pro and torts.


Tuesday, June 21

yeah, so... 

Well, I only have three days left in DC. I fly home after work on Friday. I can't believe how fast time has flown by. Amazing.

Grades: Today's the "due date" for profs to turn in grades, but I still have two that are AWOL. Got my Torts grade earlier today. Quite disappointed. But not really surprised. We'll see what the last two grades bring...


Saturday, June 18


Email from Mrs. Coob I just received a few minutes ago:
Do you know where the Tiffany's in DC is located?

Me: uh, sweetie, what are you trying to say?

Dutiful husband that I am, I checked. There are two Tiffany's in the DC area- Chevy Chase, Md. and Vienna, Va.


Facing Others 

Until yesterday, the only bloggers I'd met were a few classmates.

A few of us bloggers (who are in DC) gathered last night for a nice little social gathering at a local bar. So with this gathering the number of bloggers I've met has now increased ten fold.

Let's see...I'm trying to think of what questions y'all would ask about the gathering so that I can answer them. I guess we'll start with attendees. Energy Spatula of WWFFD was there. As was Scott from L3 and Jack from Jack & Coke. Also in attendence were Law Rah of WonL and Idle Grasshopper of Idle Grasshopper. Last but not least, Matt was there, too. And me.

Not much to tell, really. The more we drank, the louder we got and the more we laughed. We talked about all sorts of stuff: school(s), other blogs and bloggers, DC, music, movies, past posts, unwritten posts, etc. I think everyone enjoyed it. I know I did.

I had a great time meeting them and hanging out with them. Hopefully I'll be able to join them again before I leave on Friday.


Friday Spies ©: Saturday Slacker Edition 

I don't know what my problem is. Well, I have some ideas.

Anyhow, when it comes to my duty of posting Friday Spies ©, I can't seem to actually post my answers on FRIDAY.

Oh well. Y'all know the drill- BTQ, five questions...

1. Which relationship will last longer, Brad Pitt and AngelinaJolie ("Brangelina"), or Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes ("TomKat")?

2. Less importantly, which will have nuclear bombs first, North Korea or Iran?
North Korea.

3. What is your dream car?
Uh, don't know if I have a dream car per se. I'd happy with any number of cars. But some day (soon) I'll have a convertible1974 Mercedes 450 SL.

4. What book have you read the most times?
A Pirate Looks at Fifty by Jimmy Buffett. It's the book that I take with me on ALL trips. I can blindly turn to a page and just start reading.

5. Are you a matchmaker?
I tried it once. Unsuccessfully. So I retired.


Wednesday, June 15

Weds Night Shuffle 

Saw Tackleberry (from Police Academy fame) on the Metro tonight. Or maybe it was his twin.

Met an old friend for drinks after work today. DM's back in the private sector putting his MBA to good use. It great to see him and catch up on stuff. Plus, cold beer on a warm day like today hit the spot.

Not sure if I mentioned it, but I finished Woodward's The Brethren over the weekend. Pretty good read. All about the Supreme Court...from 68 or 69 to 75, I think- the early years of the Burger Court. It was an interesting look inside the inner workings of the SCOTUS. Those who like(d) Con Law and also like history, I recommend it.

Still no grades, although Astrosfan did get his Con Law II grade.


Tuesday, June 14

quick update... 

First, no new grades. WHY MUST YOU MOCK ME SO!?!?!?

Just heard on the news that area schools shut down today because of the heat. It was 92 degrees today.

Turned down tickets for tonight's O's vs Astros game (had a conflicting commitment). I may try and make it to Baltimore for a game this weekend.

Heard from a classmate who's in town. Was good to hear a friendly voice.

Work's chugging along. Lots of work. Probably some late nights the rest of the week.

Looks like there'll be a Bloggers Who Are In DC Get Together/Social Gathering Friday after work. Should be fun...and interesting...putting faces, voices, etc. together with the mental images I've built.


Saturday, June 11

Saturday night special 

Went to another Nats game tonight. Mariners are in town for an interleague series. Like the game I attended earlier in the week, this one was fun- great seats, great game (Nats won, 2-1), and also the food and drink service was much improved over the Memorial Day game.

It appears the first tropical storm of the season has affected the Super Regional in Oxford. The game's been postponed because of rain...actually, it looks like they're playing again.

To time go watch the game.


UPDATE: Turns out the game was not resumed. The internets lied!! Play will resume for the Texas-Ole Miss game at 1pm Eastern today (Sunday).



Yesterday for lunch we went to a local place, Five Guys, that's known for its burgers- it's won the 'best burger' title for the past few years in DC, I think.

What did I think? Mmm...that's a tasty burger. It was very (ha!) good. I opted to avoid the small and got the regular cheeseburger. It was essentially two patties, melted cheese, and the toppings I wanted (mustard, lettuce, and pickles). The fries were fresh cut, long, and damned good. The portioning of the fries was generous. The company was good, too- another summer law clerk and a few attorneys. All in all it was a great lunch.

Afterward I couldn't help but try and compare it to other burgers and burger joints- namely, In-N-Out Burger. While I think In-N-Out Burger's quite tasty, it pales in comparison to Five Guys.

Those of you who've had both, do you agree?


Friday, June 10

Friday Spies © 

Holy Schnike! I skipped a Friday Spies. For some reason I didn’t answer last week’s questions.

Oh well, the earth seems to have continued its revolution(s) on its axis, so all is well.

Nevertheless, here are this week’s questions from BTQ:

1. What is the earliest movie you remember watching in the theater?
I didn't really go to the movies all that much as a kid. I think E.T. is the earliest movie that I can remember.

2. If you could strike one word from the English language, which word would you choose and why?
VERY- It's overused. Very overused.

3. If you were a superhero, what would be your kryptonite?
What do you mean “if”? I can't tell y'all, cuz then y'all'd use it on me and that just wouldn't be cool. Or funny. At all.

4. Would you rather win an Emmy, Grammy, Tony, Golden Globe, Oscar,Pulitzer, or Noble Prize? What work would you win it for?
None of the Above. I’d rather win a Crappy.

5. What is your catch phrase? Don't have one? Then make one up!
For the longest time it was "Dude,..." or "You say that like it's a bad thing"


Thursday, June 9


I think I mentioned in the previous post (am too lazy to check) that a friend from back home is in town...as are a few other people from back home...anyhow, there was supposed to be a "people from Austin who all used to work and play together" type happy hour today, but that plan totally fell through.

Instead C, S, D, and I went to the Nationals game. Nats won 4-3, beat the A's. Compared to the last game I attended, this one was great- even though it was drizzling during the first couple of innings (which, you know, rain combined with heat equals Houston-like humidity). We had great seats, just past first base and ten rows up. I think the Management read my memo because the food and drink lines were much better tonight. The service was quicker and the workers much friendlier. We had a really good time.

Cubs have the night off. Red Sox head into Chicago for a weekend series. That should be a good series.

Horns play Ole Miss in a Super Regional this weekend. I plan on watching the game Sat night, but I don't know where- either here at the host family's house or maybe I can find out if the local Texas Exes chapter is having a game watching partay. Either way, Sat night is booked.


Tuesday, June 7


Well, hell. I planned on posting while I was back home, but I just never really got around to it. And now it's already mid-week. Where does the time go?

The trip home was great. Just what the doctor ordered. My only regret about the trip is that we (Mrs. Coob and yours truly) didn't go to one of the regional baseball games. Texas hosted a regional round and we almost went to their game against Arkansas Saturday night. Instead we attended a neighbor's annual backyard pool party. Which reminds me, driving into the neighborhood from the airport Friday night I saw small American flags on thin wooden stakes placed in every yard. Every year around Memorial Day a realtor who lives in the 'hood distributes the flags. It was a welcome sight.

Work's going great. Super busy. Rockin' and a'rollin' and whatnot. We had a new law clerk start this week. Good guy. Look forward to working with him and getting to know him.

A friend from Austin's going to be town later this week and it appears there might be a small reunion of sorts for a bunch of us who once worked together all those many years ago. Should be a good time.

No new grades have been posted. I think the only good thing about working is that I only check my grades about 1500 times throughout the day.


Friday, June 3

Texas on My Mind 

I woke up this morning
with Texas on my mind
thinking about the friends there
and the girl I left behind

- Pat Green

After work today I head home to Austin for the weekend. I'm looking forward to it. Get to see perro de Coob, eat good Tex-Mex, eat good BBQ...will sit on the patio at Shoal Creek Saloon with a cold Lone Star or two tomorrow afternoon. Oh yeah, and I'll get to see Mrs. Coob, too.

I'll check in once I'm back in the The Republic.

UPDATE (6/4): Am in Austin. It's good to be back in town. The trip down was rather uneventful, despite the hour delay in taking off...damn rain.


Wednesday, June 1

'nuther update 

I'm housing sitting for a friend. It's kinda weird. I've traded human interaction for proximity to work. Tonight's the last night though.

Looks like I'll be heading home this weekend. I'll catch a flight after work, be home in time for the 10 o'clock news Friday night.

Mrs. Coob was in town this past weekend. We had a great time. Ate at a great Italian restaurant in DuPont Circle, wish I could remember the name of it. Also ate a horrible place called La Tomat...why is it that I can remember the name of the bad place, but not the good one? We caught the National's game on Monday- good game, the Nats won 3-2; RFK stadium is a dump with the worst food/drink vending areas- completely inefficient. Will not go back. In fact, I turned down tix last night and tonight.

Work's going well. It seems like this week is slower (perhaps b/c it's a shorter week??) for our group, but am busier than I have been the past two weeks.

Not reading much this week. Left the book I'm reading, The Brethern, at my host's house. Speaking of House, anyone else watch this show? I think I'm hooked.

UPDATE: nope, no new grades posted...


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