Saturday, May 28

Friday Spies © Saturday Edition II 

1. What is the best thing about the city in which you live? What is the worst?
Austin- so many great things about this small city/big town: great food, awesome people, LOTS to do in and around town (live music, parks, The Greenbelt, biking, trails, lakes, rivers, golf courses galore, top notch athletic programs, festivals and celebrations out the wazoo, etc). But I think the best thing about the city is the laid back atmosphere. Everyone's easy going.

The worst? It used to be that everyone and their dogs were moving here back during the hi-tech boom, but that's not the case any more. At least I don't think it is. I guess I'd say the traffic situation is the worst thing, but even then it's not bad. People around here like to bitch about the traffic. But in all honesty, it's not that bad. I mean, compared to other places the traffic here is hardly worth talking about. Think MoPac or IH-35 is bad? Try Houston, Atlanta, LA, or Dallas. They have serious problems.

2. Describe an idea or invention of yours that you would like to see turned into reality.
I would like to see the idea of Coob passing The Bar Exam be reality in the future.

3. Name an overrated author, musician, and movie. Name an underrated author, musician, and movie.
author- grisham
musician- either dave mathews band or jonathon mayer
movie- Lost In Translation

author- Steven Saylor
musician- hmmm...either Nicolas Payton or more than likely Tarantula.
movie- either Memphis Belle or The Outsiders

4. If your life were a sitcom slated to air in the fall, what would the show be called? Who would you cast in the starring role? And for extra credit, give us a brief treatment of the show.
The show would be called: Coob. Not sure who would be cast in the starring role...some handsome devil. I think the show would be a cross between Scrubs, Sports Night, Night Court, The West Wing, Welcome Back Kotter, and The Wonder Years.

5. When is the funsupposed to start
I give up...when?


Friday, May 27

I'm so excited 

Mrs. Coob flies up tomorrow for the extended weekend. I'm excited to see her!!

We're staying at a Bed and Breakfast in Adams Morgan, I think. We're going to hang with some friends, see the town, maybe catch the Nationals on Monday afternoon.

Am looking forward to it. Big Time.


Weekly update 

Had a pretty busy week, so didn't read nearly as much as last week. Plus, Wordsure told me I was reading too much, so I thought I'd slow down.

There was a happy hour Thursday after work at Cantina Marina. Had a great time in that social setting with the work people.

People keep asking me how I'm liking it up here (in DC) and at the office. DC is great and work's fun. I probably shouldn't use the adjective 'fun', but that's what it is. The people are great. The work is interesting and practical. I'm having a great time.

That about sums it up with regards to work.

I did manage to get hooked on Lost and Desperate Housewives the past couple of weeks, thanks to my hosts.


Sunday, May 22


Saw Kingdom of Heaven last night. I liked it- the music, costumes, cinematography, the story itself. Wish I knew more about the Crusades. Maybe I'll pick up a book or two on the topic, anybody have any suggestions?

Finished a couple of books too.

Ice Station- Not bad. Light, quick action book. This book was in my room when I arrived last Sunday. A Marine Recon team heads to a US research station in Antarctica to check on a distress signal. All hell breaks out, a French team of commandos shows up, the British SAS show up, an unidentified object buried in ice, murder, etc. I think it'd make a good flick on the silver screen.

To the Last Breath- True story of how a father murdered his two year old daughter. It happened in the early 90s near where I'm from. The part of the book on the trial was interesting to read, because I've met the then-Assistant DA who prosecuted the SOB.

Men in Black: How the Supreme Court is Destroying America- Eh, not very good. If you follow politics at all, then you've already heard 75% of what he writes. And if you've taken Con Law, then you've probably heard 90% of what he's written. Affirmative action, elections, abortion, privacy, etc. Same issues, same arguments.

Having read Men In Black and being here in DC makes me want to read more about the Supreme Court, so I'll start on The Brethren: Inside the Supreme Court by Bob Woodward and Scott Armstrong later this evening.


Saturday, May 21

Friday Spies © 

A tad late, but nevertheless here it is...

The Friday Spies questions this week were inspired by the popular"Would You Rather?" game, Each question presents a choice between two possibly unappealing options. Please explain would you rather:

1. Live alone on a deserted island for 10 years or be paid to live atNeverland Ranch with the King of Pop for one year?
Eh, I think I could survive in either envirnoment. I actually think it'd be fun to live on a deserted island, Cast Away style. But I'd miss Mrs. Coob and Perro de Coob, so I'll choose Neverland for a year. Should be fun...he has amusement park rides, lotsa rooms and I'm too old for him to have an interest in me. Besides, I think I can kick his ass if need be.

2. Be deaf or blind?
Either would suck. I think I'd rather be deaf. I love music. It's a huge part of my life, but I like vision more. I think it's more essential to be able to see. Everyday life would be much easier. Plus, I've seen too many horror movies, living in total darkness would not be good for my hyper imagination.

3. Have skin which changed color depending on your mood or visible sight lines?
Skin color change I guess. Don't know why though. It just sounds cooler. At least people could be warned. WARNING: Coob's skin is red, he's pissed off; stay away!

4. Spend a year in prison or a year on tour with Celine Dion and John Tesh?
A year on tour, easy. I love music (see above), and life on the road (either as a roadie or other staff or member of the band) would be awesome- even if it's a Celine or Tesh tour. If this law thing doesn't work out, I wanna become the newest member of the Coral Reefer Band and see the world with JB.

No way will I ever go to prison. You can go, though- they'll be loving you from dusk till dawn cause you're small and cute. I'll be in the cafeteria. Selling smokes.

5. Have threesome with your close friends or with total strangers?
Uh, neither, but since that's not an option, I'll go with strangers. I have some friends who've been burned by the first option and I want nothing to do with it.


'member me? 

Hi, remember me?

Sorry to have disappeared for the past week. Crazy times.

Last Friday Mrs. Coob and I saw the new Will Ferrell flick, Kicking and Screaming. Wasn't too bad, but wasn't great either. I think the key to liking it is to go in with low expectations.

Last Sat we went to a backyard partay, a beer festival downtown and then had dinner with some friends.

And then on Sun I flew up here to DC.

It's been a helluva busy week. I started my summer gig on Monday. So far I like it. Great people. Interesting work. I wish I could write more, but I don't think I should.

Oh yeah, it seems like there's a judicial confirmation battle royale going in the Senate. All the papers have had stories about it on their front page, above the fold. Tv and radio news too. I'd like to chime in on the issue, but I made a deal with the devil that I wouldn't discuss politics and stuff on this blog, so I won't. Besides, ain't nobody cares what I think about this stuff anyways. And if you really wanna read blogs about politics, then there are lots out there...have at it.

Anyhow, DC's been fun, despite the monsoon that ripped through town yesterday. My host(s) have been great. Couldn't ask for a better set-up.

I think now that I have an idea of how things'll be at work, I can start exploring the city more...bars, restaurants, catch a game or two...and hopefully blog, too.

Anyhow, I need to go read all y'all's blogs and catch up on what I've missed.


UPDATE: first grade came in. while not horrible, I was originally disappointed. I was kinda thinkin' that class might be the one I did best in (read: highest grade) which might help off-set some anticipated horrible grades. Anyhoo, at the end of the day I'm alive, I haven't been kicked out school, and it's all good.


Friday, May 13

Quick-like update 

It appears THL's got a visit with an oncologist today and is asking for prayers, good thoughts and waves to be sent her way. You got it, kid.

I know EXACTLY how she feels- having to see an oncologist on Friday the 13th sucks arse. I speak from experience.

I visited my oncologist this morning (on Friday the 13th). It's part of my yearly check-up. I had some blood drawn, some tests and checks done on it. Visited with my doc (we talked about law school and other stuff- he was deposed as an expert witness earlier in the week). I really like my doc. He's great. And I like the whole staff at the center. Mrs. Coob is a patient of another doctor there, and we think the world of the work they all do. We're very grateful to have top-notch docs right around the corner from us.

Anyhoo, I'm not completely done. When I get back to town I have to get the CT scan done. Lucky me, though, I already have the Barium Sulfate. Should be a breaze, though it'll have to wait.

It'll (CT scan) have to wait because I leave on Sunday for my first summer gig. Some of you may remember that I'll be in our nation's capital for the first half of the summer. I'll be working for a federal entity (we'll leave it at that). I'm REALLY looking forward to it. I love DC. Everytime I've been there I've had a great time. Never been there for more than a week though, so this'll be different. Lemme know if you're going to be in town too and maybe we can grab a cold drink once or twice.

It's weird being done with school. It was weird to wake up this morning and not have any work that needed to be done...no cases to be read, no notes to go over, etc. Weird.

They're still not posted yet.


Friday Spies ©: Friday The 13th Spooky Edition 

From the dude at BTQ (Russian chick has disappeared and Long Time Reader is confusing people with nonposts):

1. If you could change any element of your physical appearance, would you? If so, what would you change? If you could change any aspect of your personality would you?
Physical appearance: If I could? Not only can I, but I intend to. I need drop some extra weight I’m carrying around.
Personality: Am cool with who I am. Sexy, funny, smart, and humble. What’s not to like?

2. Name a good make-out song (I believe the kids these days would call that "baby-making music").
I’m old school, and am not hip to today’s music. Keeping that in mind…
Good: You’re The Inspiration, Chicago; Open Arms, Journey; I’ll Make Love To You, Boyz II Men; In Your Eyes, Peter Gabriel
GREAT: Moondance, Van Morrison; Let’s Get It On, Marvin Gaye; Sex Machine, James Brown

3. What did Britney say to Kevin when she found out she was pregnant? What was his response?
Her: Kevie Bear, what does the blue plus sign mean again?
Him: huh?

4. Did Oswald act alone?
No, of course not. Milbarge helped.

5. Are you superstitious? Do you believe in luck, karma, fate, the supernatural, etc?


Thursday, May 12


Are not posted yet.

Sorry, but I just had to get the first check out of my system.



And that, ladies and gentlemen, was 1L...assuming I passed everything.

I won't classify myself as a 2L just yet, though. I'll wait until it's official when grades are posted.


And then there was one... 

Last final exam of 1L begins in just over three hours.

Part I- 40 multiple choice questions to be answered in an hour and half, closed book and closed note. Cannot be any worse than the MCs on the Crim final.
Part II- one essay, take home; four page limit (max); open book, open note (actually, he said it's open everything 'cept open human); five hours to complete.

I feel good about it. I'm not sure if it's my relative comfort with the material or if it's because it's the last final of the first year. Either way, I have ice flowing in these veins. Ok, not really ice. More like blood and stuff. Tomorrow I'll have contract dye and other stuff flowing through my veins, but that's a post for later today or tomorrow.

Today is the last day of 1L, assuming I pass my final exams. I pretty sure I'm ready. There's a big Section 3 blowout taking place after the exam, lotsa beer, laughter, BBQ, cigars, and games too- beer pong, yard darts, kickball, etc. Should be a blast.

Let's light this candle.


Wednesday, May 11


I think I know torts, but these practice MCs suggest otherwise.



Forward, march! 

So I downloaded some John Philip Sousa marches onto the iPod the other day, and I decided to listen to them while walking the dawg today...made for a quick walk. We were back at the casa in record time. Good times.


Tuesday, May 10


So, seeing how 1L is almost complete, I'm now looking forward to a summer of non-law school reading.

The lack of pleasure reading is something I really missed during 1L. Looking back I don't think I had to sacrifice it. I think I could've balanced pleasure and school reading. This is something I plan on working on during 2L- keeping up with pleasure reading throughout the semesters. Should be doable.

Astrosfan recently asked which book's are on the summer 'to read' list. Since I haven't read anything other than school books since the Christmas break, I have a few titles in mind that I know I'll read, but I'm also open to suggestions.

What do y'all think: what book(s) do you recommend for summer reading?


Fry Tax 

Ever since high school, my friends and I would impose a Fry Tax on one other. Whenever someone felt the urge for a fry, he'd reach over to someone else's tray, grab a fry and announce: Fry Tax. The Fry Tax was what we paid for the privilege of being friends. Or something like that. Actually, it just fed our tapeworms.

At any rate, it seems the mayor of Detroit wants to impose an honest to goodness tax on fries and other fast foods to help pay for city services. Yup, a Fast Food Tax.

I wonder what the Hamburglar thinks of this.


Monday, May 9

Pick up lines at law school 

Mrs. Coob giggles everytime I say 'tort'.

She says that if I were single and in law school then my pick up line would be, "Nice torts".



Is 'impleadment' a word?

If not, then I think I'm guilty of a Bushism on one of my Civ Pro essays today.


Sunny Day...chasin' the clouds away 

The rain's gone and I just got home from taking the Civ Pro exam. Feel ok about it. No great, but not bad.

All day yesterday and last night I was a Nervous Nellie. Not sure why, but I was one worried SOB.

The MC wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and the essay questions were manageable. I now can sleep confident that I won't fail. That class at least.

Next up, Torts on Thursday.


Sunday, May 8

Rainy Daze 

I normally love days like today, when it's dark and raining. Perfect for a Godfather marathon or a full day of napping and watching the History Channel.

However, when I'm already tired because I couldn't sleep last night and thus got very little sleep (woke up at the usual time), this weather just makes me that much more tired and sleepy. Not good.

Need Red Bull. Need Speed. Need motivation.

Civ Pro final in ~19 hours. Need a prayer. Or a miracle.


Saturday, May 7


City elections are being held today. Three seats/places on the council, a smoking ban proposal, and an ACC annexation issue were on the ballot.

It feels good to exercise The Right.

Now, back to pendent jurisdiction...

But first, a small taste of the double fudge brownies Mrs. Coob baked this afternoon.


Crim, Schmim III 

Here's how bad that test was: last night I had nightmares about the multiple choice questions, again.

Civ Pro's coming along nicely. There's a review session this afternoon. Received an email last night from the prof's assistant. The email provided us with an advance copy of the instructions: 30 MC questions in two hours, four mins each. Two essays...we get 40 mins to plan, organize, look up, etc and 60 mins to write 'em both. So, 20 mins to plan and 30 mins to write. Shouldn't be too bad.

Gotta get back to studying. Will hollar at y'all later.


Friday, May 6

Friday Spies © 

Here we go again, boys and girls. Today's Friday so that can only mean one thing: Friday Spies ©!!!

1. What is a food you have tried but will never eat again, and what don't you like about it?
Guacamole, or anything avocado based. I didn’t like it as a kid and my mom tricked me once when I was about four or five. We had some family over and apparently my aunts and uncles thought it was odd that I didn’t like avocados, so my mom hid a slice in my lunch sandwich. They all had a huge laugh when I bit into the avocado and made the obligatory ‘yuck face’ before spitting it out. Scarred for life. Scarred for life.

2. What are your five favorite possessions?
I assume we’re talking chattel, right? Or at least nothing abstract like memories or education. If so here’s my list:
1. Mrs. Coob* (Yes, I OWN her)
2. Casa de Coob
3. Perro de Coob
4. the X
5. this laptop

* If Mrs. Coob doesn’t count as a possession, bump the list up and add my sport and political memorabilia collection

3. How do you deal with confrontation? Do you seek it out or do you avoid it? Are you more apt to be the confronter or the confronted?
Depends on the situation. Seek or Avoid? I don’t seek it out- lookin’ fer a fight, but I don’t try to avoid it either. I tend to mosey down the road and if one approaches, then I deal with it and move on. Confronter or confronted? Again, depends on the situation. There’ve been times when I had to lay the smack down and there’ve been times when I was a complete and utter ass that had to be dealt with (those days have long passed, though. I think).

4. What will Michael Jackson be doing five years from now?
Reminds me of a verse from the Gang Bang song at a local piano bar:
Piano Guy: Knock, Knock.
Crowd: Who’s there?
PG: Little Boy Blue
C: Little Boy Blue who?
PG: Little boy blew Michael Jackson at the gang bang, oh yes he did…

He’ll be playing with Bubbles at Neverland Ranch.

5. What is the worst movie sequel ever made, what is the best sequel ever, and what movie should have had a sequel but didn't?
Worst: so many choices...either Iron Eagle II or Caddyshack II.
Best: The Godfather: Part II
Should have a sequel: Either Top Gun or Urban Cowboy


Thursday, May 5

Crim, Schmim II 

Holy effin' cow!!

That very well may have been the hardest test I've ever taken.

Oh well, I knew coming into law school that I didn't want to practice criminal law. And based on the grade I just earned (I don't know it yet, but I have a good idea where I'll shake out), I doubt even the most innocent convict on death row would want me to represent him.

Guinness time. Again.


Short Post 

Criminal Law final in T-minus 6 hours and 15 minutes.

I'll catch you cats on the flip side of it.


Wednesday, May 4

Hammer of the gods 

Which law school god did I piss off?

Remember a while back when I mentioned a hail storm that ripped through Austin? And how my roof was on the receiving end of an ass-whoopin'? And how it needs to be replaced?

Well, earlier this morning the shingles and stuff were delivered. And ten minutes ago the crew showed up to do the work. They're on the roof now pulling off old shingles and in a short period of time the hammering will begin...whilest I attempt to study for my crim final that takes place tomorrow.

How's a Coob supposed to study with hammering going on?

The obvious answer is to leave the house, but I don't want to leave the perro here unattended while the hammering's going- it'll freak her out, much like the hail storm did. Anyhow, we're tracking down a groomer who can take her in this afternoon. That'll get her out outta here for a few hours, which is better than nothing.

And I guess I'll hit the Starbucks down the street and get my study on.


Three wonderful years 

Today marks the date on which Mrs. Coob and I got hitched three years ago.

Like law school, everyone (married friends at least…and I guess divorced ones too…and I suppose those who had been married, divorced, and re-married too) said the first year of marriage would be the toughest. We had our rollercoaster ride (another story for another post), but we both agree if that’s the toughest it’s going to be for us, then we’re in pretty damned good shape.

Anyhow, a classmate recently asked how Mrs. Coob and I met, and I thought I’d share that story with y’all.

Mrs. Coob and I met when she interviewed me for a job. She was leaving a position at this place to head over to another place. She had done such a badass job that it was decided two people were needed to fill her shoes. Well, they had already found the first the person and I was called in to talk to them about the newly created second position.

The interview went well and I was called back for one last interview. I was offered the job and accepted. By the time I started at this new job, the future Mrs. Coob had already left to work at the other place, but as luck would have it her new job required that she stay in close, daily contact and oftentimes work with our office on various projects. In many ways, she never really left the office, but was reassigned to a different group.

So, long story short- we worked together for a couple of months flirting here and there. Then she finally succumbed to my charm one night while drinking after work (actually the day was Dec. 10, 1999- we saw Kelly Willis at the Austin Music Hall). I guess that was our first quasi-date. Anyhow, we started dating, but kept it on the DL at work. We didn’t want the people we worked with to know- you know how interoffice romances are the juiciest kind of gossip and how things can sour quickly if it doesn’t work out. Fortunately for us it did work out. We dated in secret (from our co-workers at least) for a few months, until one night at dinner we were seen together by some acquaintances from work. Being spotted like that forced us to come clean to our employer and co-workers, because we knew ‘word’ would quickly travel back to the office and our employer. Not that office romances were outlawed, or frowned upon, but we wanted our employer to learn about our relationship from us and not the Rumor Mill.

Anyhow, it’s worked out well since then. We continued dating (and then marriage) and working together for a couple of years until our work forced us to part ways. Now I’m back in school and she’s my Sugar Mama.

Needless to say, the interview went well as I got more than just the job.

OK, back to studying for tomorrow's crim final.


Monday, May 2

Warning: Long Story 

Finally at a point where I can take a break from studying. As promised here's my appendectomy story, but fair warning- it's a long story. And since I can't write well, it's not told very well. But here it is...

THL’s recent appendectomy reminded me of my appendectomy in high school…

It started on a pleasant April afternoon in 1992. I was a junior in high school and running around town getting ready (haircut, corsage, tux, etc) for the big the Prom dance that night.

As I imagine it is in most towns across the state/country, Prom was a pretty big deal in my hometown. Still is I suppose. Anyhow it was a Junior-Senior Prom, seniors attended for free and the juniors paid for everything and decorated the commons. Oh yeah, our Prom wasn’t held in the school gym or a hotel or resort, it was in the commons area of the high school- big open room in the center of the school, where everyone met before classes started in the morning and where everyone ate lunch (‘cept seniors, who had off-campus privileges). Anyhow, Prom was a big deal. I don’t know why, but I’ve gone to three Proms in my life, and as a male- I think that’s at least one too many. Anyhoo…

So, after running all my errands that afternoon, I decided to take a nap before getting ready and meeting the group. On my way home I started feeling a tad woozy and felt a few sharp abdominal pains. I didn’t think anything of it- figured it was the Bell I had for lunch. I napped, got ready and headed over to my girlfriend’s house.

I was dating Trixie (Mrs. Coob refers to all my exes as ‘Trixie’, so I’ll just call Stephanie ‘Trixie’ in this story) at the time. Trixie was a freshman and we’d been dating since school started in the fall. We were going to Prom with three other couples. The limo picked up us up first at Trixie’s house and then we picked up the other couples and headed into Houston for dinner.

My hometown’s a small town, but it’s only about 30 minutes south of Houston (and about 10-15 mins from the beach- from front door to in-the-water; good times). Anyhow, the thing to do at my town for prom was to head to Houston for dinner and then come back for the dance, or vice-versa. We opted to do dinner first, then the dance, and then head over to Rick’s house for the After Party.

Anyhow, so the limo picks us all up and takes us to the restaurant- Magic Island. We had a great time there, cool atmosphere and good food. After leaving the restaurant, the wooziness and abdominal pains came back, only this time much stronger. I just figured the lobster bisque wasn’t agreeing with me. I toughed it out. As we reach the school, the pain goes away.

So we arrive at the Prom dance. The M.O. for dances at our school was to show up, visit a few minutes (the dudes would check out the chicks, and the chicks would generally judge each other’s dresses, shoes, hair, etc), have pictures taken in front of the awesome backdrop that complimented the theme of the dance (I think the theme that year was something cheesy, like Arabian Nights or Enchantment Under the Sea or something generic and unoriginal), and then dance a song or two (usually at least one slow song, I think the big one that year was Everything I Do (I Do It For You) by Bryan Adams from the Motion Picture Soundtrack of Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves), and then leave for a local After Party or head to Houston for some fun.

As we waited in line to have our pic taken, the abdominal pains came back. Sharper than before. I managed a smile for the photographer (I think I have a pic around here somewhere if someone wants to see…) and we headed to the dance floor. I remember two-stepping to a Garth Brooks song and then being thankful that a slow song came on, because my side and stomach were really starting to hurt now and I figured the slow song and slow swaying would help ease the pain. It did. And then we left to head to Rick’s house for the After Party, but the pain was kind of lingering…not too pronounced, but not gone. Very subtle, was that pain.

When we got to Rick’s house, I took some Tylenol and Advil and started to feel better. I changed into my swimming trunks and headed for the pool to join everyone else. But the pain came back with a vengeance as I was mid-dive, causing an instant and perfect jack-knife dive. It was at that point that I decided to call it a night. I figured I could take Trixie home and then head home for what I thought was much needed rest. Well, we got to Trixie’s house and I started to feel better. We watched tv for a little bit and then the pains again came back, forcing me to leave. Great. Because of my abdominal pains, we had to leave the After Party just as it was really getting started. And now, I had to leave Trixie’s house early too.

I don’t know how, but I managed to drive home through the pain. When I got home, I could barely walk. I went to my bedroom, laid down and tried to wish the pain away. It wasn’t working so I crawled to the bathroom. Literally, I crawled. I tried to splash cold water on my face, but I fell down. And that woke up my parents. When they found me, I was on the bathroom floor, curled up in the fetal position. My dad carried me to the car and they rushed me to the local hospital. I pretty much blanked out during the car ride.

The next thing I really remember was coming out of a haze in a hospital room and seeing the smiling face of Stacy, who was wearing a Mickey Mouse t-shirt (Stacy was part of the limo/dinner/dance/After Party group and her dad was the head R.N. at the hospital and happened to have been on duty when I came in; he called and told her that I was there). And then I saw my family and Trixie.

I was told that my appendix had ruptured and that I’d have to stay in the hospital for at least a week. Something about monitoring my recovery and draining fluids. Seems that when the appendix ruptured, it sprayed its appendigunk onto other tissues and organs, which can be toxic or something. The doc said if I’d had been an hour later, I wouldn’t have made it.

Anyhow, that’s about it. I was laid up for a week in the hospital. I had two tubes attached to me that had to be drained (the scars from those tubes coupled with the appendectomy incision form an inverted smiley face). I was on lots of great drugs. Another friend’s mom was also a nurse and she brought me a radio so I could listen to Pink Floyd while on these drugs. I spent the following week holed up at home and then went back to school, without an appendix.


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