Friday, April 29

Friday Spies © 

Fitz-Hume and Nataliya threw us a curve ball this week. Instead of the usual 'here are five questions, provide us with five answers', they decided to go Karnak the Magnificent on us and provided us with five answers...and we have to come up with the questions.

My turban's wrapped a little too tight, so that my explain the lameness and lack of humor...

1. A: Archibald Leach, Bernard Schwartz, Lucille LeSueur.
Q: Who are three people who have never been inside Cliff Claven’s kitchen?

2. A: To get to the other side.
Q: While the correct answer is “to get from the left to the right, he stepped outta rank, got hit by a tank, he ain’t a chicken no more”, most Americans think this is the true reason as to why the chicken crossed the road?

3. A: Drugs. Massive quantities of drugs.
Q: What will Coob need to force himself to study for his Civil Procedure final?

4. A: Milbarge.
Q: Who’s still MIA?

5. A: Without question, the single most idiotic thing ever thought up by the human mind.
Q: The Designated Hitter is better known as?


Thursday, April 28

Dr. Bon Jovi, please report to the emergency room 

Wow, The Hot Librarian had an appendectomy this week.

Remind me to tell y'all about how my appendix ruptured during prom night my junior year in high school.


That's it? 

So today was the last class of my 1l year. That's it. It's over. Alls that's left is for me to take my finals, which start a week from today.

Aside from the studying that needs to be done, how do I feel about the first year being over? I dunno. I have mixed feelings.

Coming into law school all my attorney friends told me that the first year's the hardest, that after the first year it gets LOTS easier.

If this, or rather- that, was the hardest law school will be, then I'm a tad surprised. 1L wasn't bad. At all. It wasn't easy, there was lots of work (mainly reading, but if you don't have a job then it's not hard to keep up; there's no excuse really to not keep up), but it wasn't hard.

I don't know if it's because I built up the experience in mind, raised the bar mentally and expected the absolute worse, or if my age factors into it, or more likely- my perspective on life and school, but that (1L) was nothing.

What's the cliche? First year they scare you to death. Second year they work you to death. Third year they bore you to death. Uh, well I wasn't scared to death. Scared to death is when your doctor tells you have cancer and there's a real possibility you might die. Being called on class to fumble through a case isn't quite the same. Sure there were times I didn't want to be called on, but never was I scared. Especially of making a fool of myself or being verbally abused by the prof.

Well, we'll see what 2L is like, but I have a feeling this whole "work you to death" phrase was dreamt up by someone who went straight through (undergrad to law school) and didn't really have a "real" job for a meaningful period of time. After the hours I've worked during past gigs, I'll gladly compare the quality and quantity of work during 2L to that of my personal past work experience and report back on the phrase's accuracy. I think this also ties into the hours required of new associates by big law firms and how lots of law students are terrified on this...I have a theory, but I'll save that topic for a later day.

And I don't mean to come across as some know-it-all who has it all figured out, because I am not and do not. I don't have stellar grades, but I don't have bad ones either (knock on wood- three finals to take still). I didn't study all the time, but I didn't slack off all the time either. I like to think I had a nice balance. Especially this Spring semester. I like school. I really do. I don't hate it the way some do. I guess I'm appreciative of the fact that I'm here, period. And I'm not gonna sweat the small stuff.

I don't know where I'm going with this post. The point is this: 1L is practically over and it wasn't nearly as bad I thought it would be. In fact, in my humble opinion it wasn't bad at all and I don't see what the big fuss is over how hard 1L is.

I dunno, discuss amongst yourselves...


Tuesday, April 26

The Seven Deadlies 

Tonight's study break is brought to you by Glannon's Examples & Explanations. Glannon: for all your civil procedure needs.

The 7 Deadly Sins are the life of a law student*:

Sloth through the first months of the semester where you fall behind watching football in the fall and baseball in the spring
Lust, where you drink regularly and carouse with women at the regular happy hours
Gluttony, all the free pizza and ice cream and beer
Greed, the whole reason you're here in the first place.
Pride, when you finish 5 pages of reading even though there's other things to do.
Envy, when you find out someone did better than you
Anger, when your civpro teacher goes on and on and on and on and on

*courtesy of Astrosfan


Monday, April 25

Outlining Can Wait 

As I mentioned earlier, this is the last week of classes. I spent a HUGE chunk of the past weekend reading and outlining, but I still have a ton of work to do...

But that work will have to wait.

I picked this up today at the bookstore. I didn't get to watch it when it happened live; this is the first time for me.

So, until I watch this, studying for finals will have to wait.


Friday, April 22

Friday Spies © 

Y'all know the drill- BTQ...Friday...five questions...

1. Which Simpsons character are you most like?
I’m more of a composite of a few characters- a little Moe, a little Barney, a little Bleeding Gums Murphy, and part Itchy.

2. Name a song you hate that is performed by a band you like. Name a song you like by a band you hate.
Can't think of a song I hate that a fav band does...am drawing a blank. And I don't hate any bands...if I don't like them, I just don't listen to them, but I don't hate them. But I will say this: certain songs should be left alone. No need to cover them. Period. I speak of Dolly Parton’s rendition of Stairway To Heaven.

3. What skills do you possess? Nun chuck skills? Computer hacking skills?
LexisNexis skills
Jedi Mind Reading skills
Pat my head and rub my tummy at the same time

4. Coen Brothers or FarrellyBrothers?
Eh, flip a coin. I'd prefer the Hughes Brothers or Brooks Brothers.

5. What do you predict will be the worst part(s) of the new Star Wars movie?
The crass attempt to appeal to junior high kids...effin' JarJar...


Thursday, April 21

Wonder Twin powers- ACTIVATE!! 

I know some of you have seen the story about the twin who subbed for his hermano (who's running for mayor) during a parade in San Antonio, Tx.

I don't have much to add except that my sister's boyfriend's roommate is a staffer for the mayoral candidate.


Wednesday, April 20


I gots nothin'. I'm boring. Nothing to write about.

Just busy outlining (thanks to those who've been kind enough to help a blogger out) and reading for class.

Only about a week and half left of classes, followed by a few dead days and then finals start.

My final exam schedule this semester looks like it's gonna work just fine: Crim is on Cinco de Mayo, which is the day after Mrs. Coob's and my anniversary (three years); Civ Pro on the 9th (a Monday, which is good- gives me all weekend to learn about Rule 12(b)(6)'s failure to state a claim); and finally Torts is on the 12th, a Thursday. That's it. Three exams (the other two classes are doneski).

The day after my last final, on Friday the 13th, I go in to see my oncologist for my yearly check-up. Of all days, Friday the 13th. I sure hope Mr. Vorhees doesn't decide to come after me when I'm all hooked up and getting scanned and stuff.

And then on either of the following days (Sat & Sun) I head to DC for my first summer jobby job. I start on Monday the 16th.

That's right. Last 1L final exam on the 12th (Thursday), oncologist visit on the 13th (Fri) and then fly up to DC to start work on the 16th. Sounds exciting, huh? Just the way I planned it...


Tuesday, April 19

Lawnmower Man 

I think I recently mentioned my lawnmower woes. Well, the woes are gone and the mower is purring like a kitten now. And the grass has been neatly cut.


Monday, April 18

Rollin' with the homies 

Added some new links over there on the right side of the page.

If you wanna be added, leave a comment or shoot me an email.


Survey Says... 

Here's the starting line-up for the Fall semester:

Federal Income Tax
*Con Law II- From Brown to Bakke
*Professional Responsibility
State & Local Government
Adv. LRW- Texas

The Advanced LRW class focuses on the resources and methodologyused in performing legal research in Texas. I think. And I figure it'll come in handy since I plan on staying in Texas. Plus it's Pass/Fail.

Thanks to those of you who offered advice on which classes to take. Many thanks.

* are required classes that must be taken before graduation.


Sunday, April 17

Jumping on the bandwagon 

One of the things I hated- HATED- about working at T.G.I. Friday's when I was in undergrad was the Singing of the Birthday Song by all the DubDubs and Busboys. Y'all know what I'm talking about- all the waiters/waitresses would gather around and sing 'Happy Birthday' to the birthday boy or girl. There was the garden variety Happy Birthday song and then there were the cutesy, alternative songs that were sung too...paradies of well known songs like Do Wah Diddy Diddy (e.g.: it's your birthday and we're gonna sing to you, singing Do Wah Diddy, Diddy Dum Diddy Do, I hope you like it 'cuz it's all we're gonna do, singing Do Wah Diddy Diddy Dum Diddy Do...)

Anyhow, it seems like in the past couple of weeks lots of blogs have celebrated their blogbirfdays. And I guess if one were to head over to my archives and look at the very first post, one would see that this poor excuse for a blog was started a year ago. My how times flies.

I never thought it'd last this long and there were a couple of times where I almost closed shop. But it's been fun. I enjoy reading other blogs much more than I like writing this.

Anyhow, it's not that big a deal, so please...no birthday singing.



Was there ever any doubt? 

Michael Corleone
You are Michael. Cool, calm, and collected, you
enjoy high-brow living and explaining things to
people. They should watch out. You don't
raise your voice much, but when you do, it's
important enough to influence everyone around

Which Godfather Character Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Hat tip: E. McPan


Saturday, April 16

Whatever happened to... 

Game shows? Good ones like Tic, Tac, Dough...Press Your Luck...Family Feud...Card Sharks???

I assume Bob Barker is still around pricing things right(ly?) and Trebek and Sajak are still around I think, but what happened to the others? Were they replaced by reality shows? Talk shows? Court shows? I don't get it.

I couldn't sleep last night, so I turned on the tv and started flipping channels. The History Channel had a Jeopardy knock-off that caught my fancy.

And then I heard The Voice. You know The Voice- the one that tells the contestants which fabulous prizes they've won or could win. It brought back so many wonderful memories.

Where did they (the game shows, not my memories) go?

ps- I know they have their own cable network channel now, but it's not the same. That's like ESPN Classic, and while watching the classic games is fun, we still have present day sporting events to watch. But no game shows.


Friday, April 15

Friday Spies © 

Announcer: Ladies and Germs, it's that day and time again- time for Friday Spies!!! Brought to you by the creative minds of BTQ and that dude who sells Oxyclean, here are today's five questions:

1. What names did you consider for your blog?
Coobiliciousness. Coobigula.

2. What is your favorite adult beverage and why?
Dark and overall- Guinness Irish Stout, because it’s awesome.
Light- Shiner Light. I used to drink Shiner Bock like water. But as I’ve aged, I’ve switched to Shiner Light, which tastes really good. Really. I have a bit of loyalty to Shiner and its products. In undergrad I wrote a paper on the Spoetzl Brewery and its impact on and history in the town of Shiner, Texas. I HAD to drink beer for school. And I got to call it ‘field research’. I loved undergrad.
Wine: Red, red, wine. Goes to my head….UB40 talked me in into this one.
Hardstuff: Either Belvedere or Chopin vodka on the rocks, with a squeeze of lime. Vodka made by the people who invented vodka- the Poles. And seeing how Mrs. Coob is of Polish ancestry...

3. If you could cancel 3 televisions shows, what would they be?
Yes, Dear
The Today Show

4. You've been asked to host SNL. Which cast would you choose to work with, and who would you choose as the musical guest?
The cast would be an all-star reunion of sorts (former members and former hosts):
Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, Toonces, Dan Akroid, Eddie Murphy, Mike Meyers, Billy Crystal, Adam Sandler, Julia Sweeny, Norm MacDonald, Will Ferrell, Christopher Walken, Molly Shannon, Dana Carvey, Victoria Jackson, and David Spade.
Musical guest: Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band!!

5. What will Britney Spears name her baby and which three names will she consider and reject before settling on the "winner"?
Winner: Bertha Ann Jasmine Spears Fedderline
Rejects: Precious Lee Spears-Fedderline
Jennipher Coral Timberlake
Justine Princess Spears


Wednesday, April 13


Workin' on the last LRW memo, which is due Friday morning. I know I've bitched about this before, what the hell's going on- so many hours and so much work all for ONE credit hour!?!?

I'll check in later...prolly after I turn it in...


Monday, April 11

Home Sweet Home 

A friend sent this article to me. Headline: Mom accused of letting her daughter, 5, smoke pot

I asked my sister if she recognized the name, which she did and then she shared that said person was a junkie. And then I showed her the article.

Love the hometown. Love it.



It's gotta be a sign from the Lawn gods. Gotta be.

I come home from school today with good intentions- mow and edge the lawn. Not hard work. Wouldn't take long. I could do it all, grill dinner, and still work on my LRW memo.

I pull the mower out of the shed...try and start it. Nothing. Add some gas, add some oil. It starts. And smokes. White smoke. Like Cheech and Chong smoke. The next door neighbor comes over to see if everything's ok.

Anyhow, I figure it's burning oil someplace. I don't know where...don't care.

I guess it's the Lawn gods telling me not to do yardwork and instead work on my memo. Gotta be.

But first, I fire up the Big Green Egg since I'm in charge of dinner tonight.


Sunday, April 10

Don't blame me 

Blame the UT baseball team and the Masters. It's because of those two that I haven't updated the blog roll. Both were on tv this afternoon...and well, I just couldn't find the time to do anything other than sit in my chair and stare (and yell).

At any rate, no work was done on the LRW memo either.


Friday, April 8


Headed to H-town in the ayem. Brother-in-law's turning 40 and there's a big par-tay or something going on. This is the brother-in-law who has the band. Their music? Devil Music for the masses.

Anyhow, if y'all need to reach me tomorrow night (Sat.), then I can be found here.

Otherwise I'll see y'all on Sunday, when I finally update the blogroll.


Friday Spies © 

Here's the latest list of Qs from the guy and gal over at BTQ:

1. James Bond or Austin Powers?
Bond. James Bond.

2. What is the most romantic thing you've ever done for someone?
Um, in high school my friends and I would always try and think of creative dates. We didn’t want to do the same movie and dinner that other guys did. We’d think of something we thought was cool and different, then we’d pool resources and make it happen.

On one of my dates, I picked up my then-girlfriend a tad before sundown and blindfolded her. We started to drive. Immediately she started to try and guess where we were going. She noted the amount of time we had been in the car, the curviness of the road (back road headed towards to the beach) and concluded we were headed to my buddy’s beach house for a starlit dinner on the patio (something the crew had pulled off before). Well, it was about this time when we approached a turnoff from that road. I hung a Louie and proceeded down this road for about a mile or so. Total confusion on her part- this was not the way to the beach house. Confused she took off the blindfold right as I pulled into a marina, our destination. She didn’t know where we were or what we were doing. We began to walk towards the dock and boats. At this point, J & D (two of my best buds) emerged from below deck on a small sailboat (J and another friend had just bought this sailboat and were in the process of fixing it up). D was dressed slacks, white shirt and tie, just like a waiter at a ‘fancy’ restaurant. J was dressed as a captain. We boarded the sailboat. There were two chairs and a table set for dinner on the deck and music was playing on the speakers.

Well, to make a long story short (I know, too late), we had a sunset dinner (three courses) on the deck of the sailboat while sailing/trolling (wind issues) up and down the intercoastal canal. D was our own personal waiter and cook and J was our captain.

It was a good time. Even though we almost collided with another boat because our port and starboard lights were out. But that’s another story for another day.

3. Rachel claims this is her favorite movie. Her actual favorite movie is?
Weekend at Bernie’s

Is it sad that I knew this answer?

4. What is the perfect rock-and-roll song?
Stairway to Heaven.

Is it sad that you had to ask this question?

5. So what really happened to Milbarge?
Aliens. Abducted by aliens. He’s being fattened up for dinner. And probed.


Thursday, April 7


Well, I wasn't able to go to a driving range yesterday- didn't get nearly enough done on the crim outline, for starters. But mainly I decided to try something new. New to me that is.

Last weekend I picked up a package of wiffle golf balls while Mrs. Coob and I were at Academy. Because it was very windy yesterday and because I still had quite a bit of work to do, I decided to try out these wiffle golf balls in the backyard. I figured it's not nearly as windy (lots trees and a fence) and wouldn't take as long, just smack some balls around for a while. That'll be a nice study break, right?

Well, I learned two things:
1. those wiffle balls can and do sail over my fence
2. I don't wanna continue tearing up my backyard.


Wednesday, April 6

WANTED: Outlines 

- One Criminal Law outline. Heavy emphasis on the Model Penal Code. Texas Penal Code a plus.
- One Civil Procedure outline. Flowcharts will be accepted as well.

Feel free to send to the email address on the top right of this page. Will also take advice and direction as to which commercial aids work best.

Mucho mahalo.


With a little procrastination, I'll get there... 

So here I sit. My crim casebook, a copy of the Texas Penal Code, the syllabus, and assorted handouts are my desk. I'm trying to start my outline. Honestly I am. I figure a couple of hours of solid work on it this afternoon should entitle me to go to the driving range and hit a bucket of balls. Seems to be my only motivation so far.

Nerd that I am, I developed a "study schedule" that takes me from this week until my last final, on May 12. I think I've allotted enough time to outline AND study. We'll see. It's looks like a great study plan, but as is often the case with me- it's the execution of the plan that concerns me.

No need to worry about it now, though, because the first final ain't for another three or four weeks and there's baseball on tv!!!


Friday, April 1

One and Done 

Like half the field in the moot court tourney, I'm finished. Put a fork in me- I'm done.

I think instead of watching A Few Good Men to find my courtroom voice, I shoulda watched Hoosiers to get inspired.

And also, during my rebuttal, I shoulda said: Everything that guy just said- bullshit.


Friday Spies © 

Since I can't sleep to save my life and since I've already seen this episode of Who's The Boss, here, courtesy from the dudes over at BTQ, are the Friday Five...

1. Have you ever been in a car wreck?
Assuming only those wrecks where I was behind the wheel count, I can think of only two wrecks that I’ve been involved in where the police were called, but I can also think of a couple more wrecks where they weren’t.
- When I was a senior in high school, about a week or two before prom, I hit an oncoming truck as I was trying to turn left. I accept blame because the ticket said I was at fault, but…
- Also while in high school I hit tree while attempting to back out of a friend’s curvy, tree-lined driveway.
- My car was totaled when a punk ass kid ran a red light and smashed into the front of my car, driver’s side…another split second and he would have hit the driver’s door and I woulda been real pissed. I had just started my radiation treatments that week. Last thing I wanted was a totaled car.
- And lastly, I probably shouldn’t admit this, but I nearly totaled the same car about a year earlier when I drove when I shouldn’t have. Nobody was injured, but the car was on the receiving end of some damage. Wake up call.

2. Sunrise or sunset?
Toss a coin. I’m happy either way. I’ve really enjoyed a few sunrises, especially memorable are the ones from my honeymoon and the sunrise a couple of weeks ago from the top of an inactive volcano while in Maui. But dusk is my favorite time of day especially during the summer, and I really like sunsets.

3. If you could change, amend, delete, or pass one law, what would it be?
City ordinance? I’d do away with the ‘smoking ban’. While I don’t smoke (not even cigars anymore…one less vice….damn doctors), I don’t think others should prevent those who do smoke from smoking while at a bar or restaurant before a certain time of day (in Austin it’s 2pm). And now they’ve been trying to ban smoking from all public places at all times, except bingo halls, VFW halls, certain establishments that’ve paid a certain fee to the city and have a special ventilation system and a few other places.
State law? Where to begin? I guess the leading candidate is a state law regarding toll roads. I have nothing against toll roads. I use the ones in Houston all the time. When used to pay for and maintain new roads, fine. But when governmental entities start talking about tolling existing roads, roads that are already paid for and have been for some time- roads that are the primary and only public route for the overwhelming majority- well, that chaps my hide. Build a new road, toll that. Don’t toll it AND the public road that’s been around for a while. Also, toll the whole damned thing and not just specific sections. I know this is a push to bring light rail to Austin and I know it’s a regional entity proposing and planning to do this, but it’s a state law that created said entity and it’s a state law that gives them the power to do this…
Federal law? Man, considering I didn’t know where to begin on the state level…I dunno…so many to choose from. I guess I’d pass a law mandating More Cowbell.

4. What is your favorite single article of clothing?
Baseball cap. I go through phases, but lately I’ve been wearing a Cubs cap and a Maui Dive Shop cap.

5. If you could/had to spend the day hanging out with another blogger(one you don't already know), who would it be and what would you do?
Good question. Based on the limited knowledge I have…either:
E. Spat…we could go to a Buffett concert; or,
Fitz-Hume…we could go SCUBA diving; or,
Soupie…baseball game (Cubs vs. Indians in the Series); or,
Larry…first, we’d have to find her…


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