Wednesday, February 23

Feelin' better 

Am feelin' better these days. Thanks for askin'.

Still not quite 100%, but at least I made it to (a) class today.


Sunday, February 20

Saturday Night Fever 

Travolta's Saturday Night Fever was on tv last night.

Ironically, while it was showing I had my own Saturday night fever- 102 degrees. Was violently ill. Still feel like crap. This sucks. Back to sleep now...


Saturday, February 19

New Hobby 

Mrs. Coob and I are taking up a new hobby- SCUBA diving.

For our SSI certification we're doing a home study type class. There's a book we have to read and also twenty questions after each chapter (six chapters in all) we must answer. Along with the book, there's a dvd we have to watch. Each chapter on the dvd corresponds with a chapter in the book. It's been informational- theory of diving, the physics involved, how to use dive tables and other equipment, etc. And it's been long. Now that we've completed this home portion of the class, we have to attend actual classes (classroom instruction and pool instruction). We'll be doing this next weekend in a different city. Instead of two separate Saturdays, we'll knock it out in a full weekend- Saturday and Sunday. I'm looking forward to it, if for no other reason that we'll get to have dinner at Water Street. You just can't get good seafood in Austin...it's one of Austin's few flaws.

Part of the reason we're getting certified, aside from the fact that we've been wanting to do this for a couple of years now, is that we have a trip scheduled during spring break. A dive trip, if you will. I don't know if we're more excited about getting certified or finally take a real vacation type trip.

Anyhow, I've had diving on my mind the past couple of months. I've discovered a show I really like, Deep Sea Detectives, on the History Channel. I think I killed about 4 or 5 hours of an afternoon a couple days ago watching back to back to back episodes.


Thursday, February 17

Skewl stuff 

I wonder if I can take this Satanism class as an elective next year...maybe by correspondence or something.

Also, a great distraction from paying attention in LRW (or any other class for that matter).


Wednesday, February 16

Wacko Jacko 

I assume y'all know Michael Jackson is in the hospital with "the flu."

Rumor is, he doesn't have the flu at all. He actually has a severe case of food poisoning. Evidently he ate a lot of twelve year old weiners. (rim shot- no pun intended on the rim shot)

That lame joke was brought to you by Prof. Torts who shared it with us, out of the blue, a couple of weeks ago. He's cool like that. Lots of pop culture references in class. "Suppose Mr. Burns owns an island and there's a storm and so you have to tie up your boat to his dock. He sends out Smithers to make you leave..."


Tuesday, February 15

Crim, Schmim 

I don't know why, but me no likey this class.

Coming into law school I knew I didn't want to practice criminal law (assuming I practice at all). I don't want to go into debt (while in school) only to make less money than I did when I left my old job to go to law school. And I know criminal defense attnys can bank, but they usually spent some time on the prosecuting side and I don't think I'll have that kind of time (I'll be, ahem, early thirtyish when I graduate and hopefully at least one Little Coob will be on the way around graduating time). Plus, I don't make a living getting "bad people" off. Yes, I know I can pick and choose my clients and that innocent people need representation, too. I dunno. I know this: I respect and admire our prosecutors and the work they do, but I just don't think it's for me.

Anyhoo, like I said, I know I won't be practicing crim law when I get out (nor will I do family law, for different reasons...maybe a topic for a later post), but I was looking forward to taking this class. I thought it'd be interesting. Murder. Larceny. Cool topics, right?

Well, I guess like other classes, some cases are more interesting than others. For the most part I like reading the cases. But, I guess like other classes, it's the actual 'in class' time that gets my goat. I don't know if it's because I'm slow, extra dense and dumb or what, but it seems I can never keep up with the prof. It's like she's on warp speed most of the time. My class notes suck ass. Model Penal Code. Texas Penal Code. Hypo this, hypo that. Specific Intent. General Intent. Blah, blah, blah.

Today just plain sucked. And I didn't even get called on.

I guess I need to nut up and start working smarter, not necessarily harder.


Monday, February 14

Ragtop Day 

Sunny, high in the upper 70s. If today ain't a Ragtop Day then I don't know what one is. It's days like today when I wish I drove the car with the ragtop and Mrs. Coob drove the gas guzzlin' SUV.

Weekend was ok. Had an edit session for the journal. Other than that, not a whole lot went down. Just me and my books.

Happy Cupid's Day.


Wednesday, February 9

Put me in coach!... 

...I'm ready to play today
Put me in coach, I'm ready to play today
Look at me, I can be Centerfield.
-J. Fogerty

I couldn't concentrate on reading Torts last night. I think I was too excited and pumped about today (Weds) being the home opener for the UT baseball team. So instead of reading I popped Field of Dreams into the dvd player.

The Horns swept San Diego State this past weekend. Yes, we've lost an ace pitcher due to grades (future post on athletes not making the grade coming) and it appears four others are in the same boat; they didn't make the trip and Coach can't/won't talk about it. Luckily we have some talented young 'uns who stepped up. I hope they continue to do so.

If you need me around ~2:30 ish, then I can be found at the Disch. Hope to see y'all there.

UPDATE: Texas won 7-1.


Friday, February 4

I need your two cents 

Ok, when I started law school I had in mind that with regards to law school jobs (summers and post-1L) I wanted to try my hand at three specific 'areas': judicial, federal government, and private law firm. I figured that with a little bit of experience in each of those, combined with my experience working for the state, then I'd a have a pretty good idea of what interests me and what I'll know to stay away from when I graduate.

I figure the odds of me snagging one of those fancy law firm jobs after 1L are about as good as perro de Coob catching one of those elusive squirrels in the backyard. So, I'm looking to use this Summer and the next fall to help increase my stock and hopefully make me a more attractive candidate for those fancy law firms next Summer.

Anyhow, I can cross one of those three areas off my list. I'll be clerking for a federal entity in Washington, DC this summer, specifically the first half. I'm in the process of tryin' to nail down something for the second half of the Summer. And this is where y'all come in...

Is it better to clerk for a judge during a short Summer session, or is it better to clerk for a judge during a full semester? Which do y'all think provides for more exposure to the inner workings of our beloved judicial branch? Which provides for maximum experience? Any and all comments would be appreciated.



Hittin' close to home 

Larry and others have mentioned this story about a Lake Jackson (Lake Jackson, Texas- the Town That Dow Chemical Built) man having his wife give him a sherry enema and then dying from it.

I have no smart-ass (no pun intended- honestly!) comments to add.

I'll just say this: I am not surprised this happened. I know this town and area very well. VERY well. Like the back of my hand. No, I'm not from there...I grew up in a neighboring town and to my knowledge ain't nobody from my town into this sh*t (again, no pun intended), but those Lake Jackson people...not surprised one bit.


Thursday, February 3

Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life 

R.I.P. Dean Wormer.


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