Monday, October 25

Celebrity Sighting II 

Sideshow Bob of The Simpsons fame is here in the library as I type...or at least a dude with similar hair is.


Sunday, October 24

Caught in the Crossfire 

I went to Houston this past weekend and wound up being shot multiple times. I’m ok and will be fine. Lucky for me, I was with a group that had 4 medical school students who were attentive, even if one of them shot me- twice.

You see, it was my first time to play paintball, and I loved it. It rained off and on. The fields were muddy. Masks were easily fogged, thus reducing vision and increasing the random blind shots at blurry objects. It was great.

Afterwards I couldn’t help but ask myself why I hadn’t played this before.

Sure I’m nursing some bruises and have some soreness, but that’s what my fat ass gets for 1) thinking I can still run as fast as I could when I was seven, and 2) thinking I can hide behind a tree. Who was I trying to kid?


Thursday, October 21

Super Gunner 

So we're discussing Griswold in Con Law yesterday...

And Prof. Con Law asks a question about one of the concurring opinions or dissents, I can't remember which...as usual, the class is pretty much stumped. We're clueless.

In steps Super Gunner.

Super Gunner raises her hand and when called on proceeds to not answer the question, as usual, but rather to ask her own question, as usual.

Super Gunner begins, "When I was reading the transcript of the oral argument of this case a few days ago..."

It was classic.


Baseball Part II 

Wasn't Johnny Damon in Color Me Badd??

Congrats to the history making Red Sox.

Now, if only Houston can pull it off tonight...


Saturday, October 16

Damned Glad To Meet Ya! 

Hi. Name’s Coob. I used to write here, but I’ve been away for a while…so I thought I’d reintroduce myself.

Things have been busy with the usual 1L stuff: Lexis training, Westlaw training, free pizza and beer at the Society of Law Students, reading for classes, Advanced Lexis training, lunch with a prof, IM flag football (season’s over: 1 win and three losses), more reading, going through highlighters as if they’re toilet paper, reading, being hazed by 3Ls, etc.

Beer Pong. Where was this game when I was in undergrad? Learned about this game last night at a group cookout.

On the non-school side of things, Mrs. Coob celebrated a milestone birthday last week, so we had a social gathering of close friends and family at the Case de Coob last Saturday. It was a great time. Made for a rough Sunday.

Back to school, classes are going as well as can be expected. Property is still number one in my heart. Con Law still takes up 75% of my time. Contracts pains me to no end. I have a new strategery for this class, though. I’m gonna try and not pay attention to the slides during class and just listen to the prof…maybe I’ll be able to concentrate better. I dunno, we’ll see. LRW is ho-hum. Boring as hell.

Baseball. Contrary to popular belief, I haven’t been avoiding the blogosphere because the Cubs blew it at the end of the season. While the Cards and Yanks will meet in the Series, I’m rooting for the ‘Stros and Sox.

Basketball. Midnight Madness practices were held last night, or the night before…I don’t know which. But, I heard on the radio the other day that Phil Jackson has a new book out and in it he informs us if how Kobe wasn’t pleased with the type of jet that was provided to him so that he could make his hearings and games. Uh-huh, bitching about the type of jet…gimme a break. Grow up and get a life.


Sunday, October 3


Yeah, so the Cubs didn't make the playoffs. Maybe next year...if they can get decent closers.

Congrats to the Astros for an incredible turn-around. Amazing.

Looks like my earlier prediction of the Cards and A's won't be coming true...gimme some time to think about it and I might post tomorrow who I think'll make it to the Series.


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