Thursday, September 30

Some updates... 

Sorry to have been away, but things have been hectic this week. And I think it'll pretty much be like this from here on out. Yea!

Today I turned in my Intent to Study Law application to the Board of Law Examiners. That was fun...list your employment during the past ten years. WTF? Sue me. I worked at Taco Bell. There. I admit. Ashamed? Yes. But, I know that a bean burrito should have three ounces of beans, one ounce of "red sauce", a 1/4 ounce of shredded cheese, and a 1/4 ounce of onions. Now, when this question rears its ugly head on the Bar Exam I'll be set.

Flag Football.
Turnovers. Burned on the deep ball again on D. Final score...18-14, we lost. It was a tough loss. We should have won the game, we hurt ourselves and the other team did to us what we should've done to them. Maybe next week we'll get it together.

Classes are going well. Here's the 411:
Property- My favorite class. I'm not sure if it's because it's my small class, or the material, or the prof, but, man!! I really like this class. It's the first class of the day and sets a pretty good tone.
Con Law- Prof. Con Law is pretty good. I think I'm finally coming around to figuring him out. This past week was pretty good for me. I was en fuego. I think I've found my groove. It takes a lot of work just to tread water and stay afloat, but it's fun.
Contracts- A huge disappointment. I've tried to keep a positive attitude, but it's becoming increasingly hard to do so. Prof. Contracts is a first year professor. She lectures. And she's too dependent on PowerPoint. It's not a crutch, it's a distraction. I don't know of anyone in the class who enjoys or likes the class.
LRW- Valuable, but dull.

Speaking of classes, I was on the Hot Seat again in Property this past week. So, for those of you keeping score at home, here are the numbers:
Property -2
Con Law -1.75
Contracts- 0, and I feel confident I'll never get called on in this class
LRW- 0, ditto.

I've purposely avoided writing about the Cubs and the Wild Card chase. I didn't want to jinx them. But, it looks like a moot now.


Wednesday, September 22

Civic Duty 

If you haven't already done so, head over to the Daycare and vote in Soupie's Just Because Catfight.

It's on like Donkey Kong over there.


Tuesday, September 21

Hot Seat Part II and Flag Football 

We won tonight. Our team, 3D's an F- Not grades, just football, put a hurtin' on Uncle RICO's Assault. 15-12 was the final score. We need some more work on offense...too much confusion. And we need some tweaking on defense...we gave up two deep balls resulting in points. I gotta tell ya though, I like our team's chances of winning some games. In co-ed sports the guys generally cancel eachother out, which leaves the team's destiny in the quality of the gal players...luckily we have some great female players.

Yeah, so what are the odds that I'd called on again- in consecutive days- within two minutes of class starting (same class in which I was on the hot seat for the better part of the class yesterday)?

I should buy a lotto ticket.


Monday, September 20

It was bound to happen 

So there's this class. And it takes a lot of work just to tread water in there. It's the most socratic of my classes this fall semester. And today I was on the hot seat...for a long time. Not just one quick question, but several...some of which I knew the answers, some I didn't, spanning half the class, easily. In hindsight it wasn't all that bad (I mean, I could understand that he was speaking English afterall)...despite my sputtering, sweaty palms, and shaky voice...

I've spoken up in this class before. Answered a random question or two here and there, but today was much different. I knew it would be when the dude on my left passed.

Boy am I glad that's over with.

On a separate note, AOL's Instant Messenger will be the cause of my tragic downfall in a different class. Today someone thought we should have a class-wide chat room during the lecture...I had no idea there are so many comedians in that class!! I almost had to leave the room I wanted to laugh so hard. You know that sound you make when you're about to laugh, but you try to hold it in? That was me. I had to fake cough (and drink water) so as not to double over laughing so hard at some of the stuff being written. Very distracting when discussing theories of remedies for breaching contracts.


Sunday, September 19

Blah, blah, blah 

So it's been a while since I last checked in...sorry about that. I'd like to say it's because I'm super busy and don't have time. But that's not entirely true.

At any rate, Mrs. and I learned this past week that T&G, good friends of ours, are moving to Chicago. G got an offer he couldn't pass up. Side note: T&G met while in law school at UT. Anyhow, it sucks for us, but it's great for them. Besides, it gives Mrs. and Coob and me a better incentive to mosey up to that certain Midwestern city that starts with a "c" ends with an "o" and in the middle has "hicag".

I just finished a paper for Property that's due first thing in the morning. For something that won't be graded (this is a dry-run), I sure am putting way too much work in it...and the depressing thing is that it's total crap (the end product, not the assignment). It'll be interesting to see how much red ink (or whatever color ink the prof uses) winds up splashed across my paper.

The other classes are going ok.

Con Law's turned out to be more challenging that I first thought. It takes more time to read for this class and takes more brain cells to figure out what's going on. I like the class...the content is interesting. The prof isn't bad. I just find myself struggling more than I thought I would. I read the assignments...they make sense...I go into class thinking I know what's going on...and then WHAM! POW! Ka-BOOM!! And I'm like, "huh?". It's not quite that bad. I've figured out his M.O., so I'm starting to not be as lost as I have been in the past. This class is just going to take more work...not even more, just smarter. I need to work smarter in my preparation, not necessarily harder. Although I guess that wouldn't hurt too much either.

Contracts is ok. We, the class, were told by the prof this past week that we should be confused and not understand what's going on in class...that if we think we know what's going on, then we really don't. And not just for that class, but that applies to all our classes. Which sorta freaked me out. While I admit I don't know all, I like to think I'm understanding what's going on...I know there's a bigger picture I ain't seeing, but at the end of each class I like to think I understand what's going on and why.

LRW? (insert yawn here). I know it's important. And I want to become a better writer. I want to learn how to perform legal research with the best of them. But damn, that class is boring.

What else?


Flag Football starts this week. Our team will be playing on Tuesday's at 6pm. I am the coach/captain of our team. We have practice tomorrow to see what kind of players we have and what kind of skills said players have. Wishbone here we come...oh wait, guys can't take handoffs...well then, Run-n-Shoot here we come!!

I guess that's it for now.


Monday, September 13

Bloods and Crips 

So what's the deal with crutches? Did anyone else notice that there seems to be an over representation of people hopping along on crutches?

Today I saw no fewer than six people on/with crutches at school.

Note to self- Don't drink the water at the school, I might break a leg or something.


Friday, September 10

Am I mental? 

So it's Friday night and there's a pretty good game on the tube right now (Florida State vs Miami). Is it wrong that I actually WANT to be reading my Contracts assignment? Egads!! What's wrong with me?

On a lighter note, Mrs. Coob and I are dog-sitting for a friend who's out of town. Gypsy is the guest at Casa de Coob, but Havana, the Canine Queen of the house, is not and has not been playing nicely. She gets rather jealous when Mrs. Coob or myself pets, plays with, or generally acknowledges Gypsy's existence.


Thursday, September 9

That didn't take long 

Mrs. Coob loves gray hair. Adores it on men. She likes certain actors because of their salt-and-pepper hair. I don't pretend to get it, but whatev.

Since we started dating she's made no secret about how she can't wait for my hair to turn gray. She can't stand the thought of me as a bald man. She wants gray.

So, I've half-jokingly been telling her that once I start law school, she should get her wish.

Yesterday I spotted my first gray hair. A single strand. Two weeks is all it took. I credit this gray, rightly or wrongly, on "stress" from school. I know, I know...I know what you're thinking- Coob, what stress? But it's the only acceptable answer. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


Wednesday, September 8

The weather is here... 

Man! The weather this week has been nothing short of awesome, dude!!

Crisp, cool mornings...bright, sun-shiny days that aren't too hot. Very usual for this time of year. I hope it continues. But, now that I've jinxed it I guess I can expect high 90s or low 100s soon.

On the school front things are chugging along. It's a nice short week, what with the Labor Day Holiday on Monday and no classes on Friday this semester. I have a writing assignment due at noon today for my LR&W class. It's not to be graded...more to get the ball rolling. Mine blows. I figure I can only improve...and wouldn't the prof rather see some marked improvement in my work than me starting at the top and going down like a firey ball of something falling from the sky?


Saturday, September 4


I love this time of year.
Football season is here.
I like cold beer.

Yeah, that's the best I could do. A poet I am not.

But, I do love football season. I especially love college football.

In undergrad I rarely missed a game. And this was during the end of the Southwest Conference years and the beginning of the Big 12, kids. After graduation I hung around for a few games a year, but around that time a new tradition started with me and some friends. We'd gather for ESPN College Gameday, which at the time started at 10 am, crack open a cold beer, open a bag of chips and sit on the couch watching the previews of games to come. Then we'd watch the various games with special interest in how our alma maters were doing (Texas, Ohio State, Texas A&M, and Michigan St.). We'd fire up the grill...burgers, brats, smoked jalapeno sausage. Those were good times. It wasn't long before we started to spread out around the country as we aged and advanced in our jobs. I am now the lone buckaroo in Austin. These days we all still watch Gameday, only now we're constantly on the phone with each other critiquing whatever it is Corso's saying. Thank God for unlimited nights and weekend minutes, right?

Mrs. Coob and I secured tickets for tonight's game. First game of the season. Expectations aren't irrationally high this year. People are more realistic, which is good. It should be a good game and season.

Gameday is starting soon. I must go and put on my game face and ensure I have cold beer. The goal is to watch as much football on tv before heading down to the stadium to meet friends for some tailgating. It's going to be a long Saturday. I'm glad it's finally here.


Thursday, September 2

Back in the saddle again 

Well, a full week has come and gone and with it the first week of law school.

I’m finally settling into a groove. All I need now is the discipline to maintain the battle plan.

A quick recap:
- At this stage, reading something once isn’t nearly enough. It takes a lot more, kiddos.

- The apprehension of being called on (and having all eyes on you) leaves your corpus once you’ve spoken up in a class. Once the seal is broken, life is a lot easier. There’s no need to get carried away and speak in each and every class (ahem, that one guy in Con Law and the chick in Contracts), but if you do it early enough, then I think you’ll relax and settle down.

Speaking of people, there are some incredibly bright and talented kids here. Which begs the question- what do I bring to the party? I’ll have to answer that one later, after I learn the answer.

But back to my fellow classmates…I don’t get the ones who’ve already formed study groups. We’re barely a week into the semester and you’ve been able to figure out which of your classmates you can learn from, and conversely which of those you apparently can’t? You’re already overwhelmed by the workload that you need help figuring out this basic, introductory information? I don’t get it.

I don’t mean to sound like a bitter, scorned person who doesn’t belong at the dance. And I’m not talking about the individuals who go over cases before or after class. I’m talking about the groups who are meeting at the library on a Sunday- who are already outlining (after half a week of school).

I just don’t see a need to stress now. Or ever, really. I mean, to me law school is not the Be All - End All of the world. There are many more important things in life. I won’t allow it to take control of me in a negative manner. I’ll read, brief my cases, go to class and take notes. I’ll study hard, but I won’t get an ulcer doing so. I refuse to turn into “one of those people”. All I want is the degree. What I make with it is ultimately up to me anyway (not talking about money, but rather what I *do* with it).

End of rant. Back to the recap:

- OneNote. Picked it up last week, installed it over the weekend, and have been using it this week. Not bad at all. I like it. It’s like Word on ‘roids. Makes taking notes very easy.

- The School itself. I wish I had a Marauder's Map of this place. It’d make life a lot easier.

- Rumors. Just like high school. How's that old 80s song go..."How do rumors get started? They get started by the jealous people..."

- Library. I've spent more time in here the past week than I spent in a library during undergrad. Love it. Nice, clean, quiet. Can get lots of reading done between classes. Very easy to focus in here (is where I am now).


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