Wednesday, August 25

One for the history books 

It’s over. The first day of school has come and gone, and I’m still around. I kept waiting for some G Man type to lightly tap me on the shoulder and say, “Excuse me, Coob. There’s been a mistake. You don’t really belong at this school. I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to leave. Follow me.”

But it never happened.

I survived my first day without incurring any major damage. Property turned out to be fun…as did Con Law and Contracts. None of the subject matter was difficult to understand, but it was also only the first day. The walk from the parking garage to the school wasn’t bad at all. In fact it was rather nice. All in all not at a bad day.

Tomorrow shouldn’t be too bad either- property in the morning with no additional reading, so I’m set. I’ll just review the case later this evening or in the morning. The only other class I have tomorrow is Legal Research and Writing and I’m almost done with that reading assignment.

The major item on the To Do list for tomorrow, besides calling my mama and saying ‘hi’, is to stop by the campus computer store to pick up OneNote. Anyone out there familiar with this? Quite a few people have it and were taking notes using it today. It seems like a nice little piece of technology to have, and at $6, why not?


Tuesday, August 24

Back to School 

Orientation is finished, done, over and manana is the first day of class.

To quote a fav movie of mine:

Back to school! Back to school, to prove to Dad that I'm not a fool! I got my lunch packed up, my boots tied tight, I hope I don't get in a fight! Ohhhh, back to school! Back to school! Back to school! Well, here goes nothing!
- BM


Monday, August 23

One down...half to go 

The first day of Orientation is history.

It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The morning portion of it was more like Prospective Students Day with all the speakers we listened to. We broke for lunch in our groups during which time we covered the type of stuff I was expecting to be covered (emergency contact forms, locker assignments, etc). Anyhow, I think it's going to take my group a little longer for these people to start coming out of their shells...lotsa quiet types. The afternoon session kicked off with a pep talk from the career services folks. That was followed by an optional book discussion, which I enjoyed. We then visited all the student organizations that had tables set up and were also able to sign up/join them. Lots of interesting groups. I guess that's an added bonus of going to a larger law school-- lots of student activities and groups. After that, it was pretty much a free-for-all until the BBQ started at 5, so a group of us high-tailed it to a local bar a couple of blocks away and had a few pitchers.

All in all, not bad. I was able to meet more people, including Nick of Fortune and Fame.

Tomorrow looks to be fairly tame, too. A few speakers in the morning and then that's it. First on the To Do list, though, is to try and pick up a parking pass in the morning. Rumor has it that there are about 10-40 or so slots available in the primo parking garage (the one next to the school). Else I'll be parking in the garage behind DKR and hoofing it for about a ten minute walk, which I guess wouldn't be so bad seeing how I could use the excercise.


Celebrity Sighting 

Today at Orientation I met a blog celebrity...the one and only Yellow Peril. I was waiting to take care of some business at the Student Bar Association's office when I saw her walk by and noticed the name on her tag. I immediately knew who she was, even if she wasn't wearing the cool hat that she has on in the photo on her site. At any rate, it was cool meeting her...even if I was throwing off the Creepy Staring Guy vibe.


Saturday, August 21

Sorting Hat and stuff 

The incoming class has 430 members. I don’t know how other schools do things, but our class is divided into four sections. The Sorting Hat placed me in Section 3 (Ravenclaw, maybe?). Within each section there are groups...A, B, C, D. I’m in D. That’s right, 3D. I like to say our section is also in Dolby Surround Sound. Additionally, for the first time ever our class has societies. Social groups, if you will. There are two societies per section, so each society is comprised of two groups. I belong in the Gus Hodges Society.

I met the other members of my group today. Our mentor, a 2L, hosted a picnic for us at a park near the law school. It was nice to finally meet some of the folks in my group and section. Folks I’ll be spending boat loads of time with during the next year. I’ve emailed with a couple of them, so it was nice to put a person to the email address.

Tonight ends the Week of Debauchery for our class. A small group took it upon themselves to organize an unofficial “welcome to town/last hurrah/get the wildness out now before we lose ourselves in books” week of events, with each evening having a different event…but all involving some form of adult beverage. It started last Sunday and runs through tonight. While I’ve only made it to a couple of events so far, I’ll probably wind up at the Pub Crawl tonight.

Orientation and Registration begins on Monday and we wrap things up on Tuesday. Classes begin on Wednesday. I already have an assignment…in Con Law…I guess I should go read now...


Thursday, August 19


I don't undestand this. Where does the time go?

Since I've left my job, it seems like I have less time during the day to do the things I used to do. See, since I've left my job, about a week ago, I've struggled to keep up with those activities I did on a regular basis- reading blogs, reading news sites, etc. The past week has flown by and I feel like I don't know what's going on in the world. I haven't kept up with my daily reading of news sites...I haven't read blogs as faithfully as I once did. And I haven't blogged much in that time either. I don't know how you other folk do this while in school...where do you find the time? At work it was easy....get in, check email, check the news sites, read the clips, do whatever work needs to be done, with a break to read some blogs and do some blogging myself. I guess sitting at a computer all day has its advantages.

I just need to find a new groove. I suppose once classes begin then I'll be in more of routine and can work everything in. The lack of structure in my days right now is starting to drive me mad...mad, I tell ya!

In hindsight, I should have taken more time off between work and starting school. My problem has been that during my time off, I've been busy with errands and projects I had put off because I knew I'd have time to do them during this week. As a result I don't have any Coob Time. No time to just veg.

But, it's all good. As Jimmy says, "Better days are in the cards I feel..."


Friday, August 13

Still kickin' 

I'm still here...just been a tad busy.

Am officially finished with work...actually, I guess I'm techinally on vacation until the end of the month. But this past Weds was my last working day. Before then I was wrapping things up.

Spent yesterday knocking off various projects from the Honey Do list Mrs. Coob left for me.

Made another trip to the bookstore today...picked up some more books. All I need now are two books that should be in early next week. Oh, and I need a dolly to transport these damn things.

Today's the day for the parade/celebration the City of Austin is throwing for Lance. Robert Earl Keen and Steve Miller are both playing for gratis this evening downtown. Mrs. Coob and I are going...should be fun. I haven't seen Steve Miller play since 1993 or '94. at the Woodlands in Houston. That was a great show.

Because of the party downtown, I'll miss watching the opening ceremoy of the Olympics. Am a big fan of the Summer Games, ever since Atlanta in '96. Man, that was one heck of a good time. Maybe I'll tell you kids about it some day.


Monday, August 9

The Village 

Saw The Village this weekend. Wasn’t too bad. I liked it ok, as did J, but G and Mrs. Coob thought it was horrible. I went into it knowing a little bit about the movie...I’d read some spoilers a while back, so I wasn’t as surprised as most. I didn’t think the ending was as lame as some people make it out to be. What I didn’t like was the horrible dialogue. As G said, it’s as if George Lucas had written it. What I did like was the cinematography. And the music.

At least now I have a Halloween costume idea...like everyone else who’s seen it I suppose.

The end.


Sunday, August 8

300 Club 

Congrats to Cubs pitcher Greg Maddux for winning his 300th game. I hope the Cubs can stay on course and earn the Wild Card spot in the NL playoffs. They can't catch the redbirds, so this is their only hope.


Rock on 

When did music from the 80s qualify to be played on Classic Rock radio? I first noticed this a few weeks back when I noticed instead of playing the Doobie Brothers they were playing Metallica. And yesterday they were playing Bon Jovi. When did this happen? What did I miss?


Friday, August 6

No Respect 

A friend sent me a link to this review of Rodney Dangerfield's new autobiography, It's Not Easy Bein' Me: A Lifetime of No Respect but Plenty of Sex and Drugs.

Looks interesting.



May Rick James rest in peace.


Class 'O 2007 Happy Hour 

There was another happy hour yesterday for people who are here in Austin, and there was a pretty decent sized crowd last night. As we get closer to the start date and people move to Austin, the happy hour crowd grows. I remember when it was a small handful of people. Now we're well over 20 people.

Anyhow, it's great to meet my future classmates. Lots of interesting folks.


Thursday, August 5

Still Full 

Mrs. Coob and I had dinner with some friends at the Salt Lick last night. I ate so much I'm still full...12 hours later. Those of you who've eaten there understand. Those of you who haven't, well...if you're ever in Austin ring me up and we'll head out there for some of the best BBQ in the state.


Wednesday, August 4

Ask and ye shall receive 

I can be reached via email at sendlawyersgunsandmoney@gmail.com.

I'll try and add the email addy over on the side too...


The Movie Tournament 

Fortune and Fame has a cool movie tournament going on over at his blog. You can vote here and then again here (for a different round of movies).

He's paired up various movies (Goonies vs Billy Madison?...wtf? how's a fella to choose?) and provides a nice little summary of them and then you vote on which movie is better. Here's how the bracket shakes down so far.

Who doesn't like movies? And who hasn't seen these movies? Go. Vote now.


National Night Out 

Last night was National Night Out.

Did YOU get out and meet your neighbors? Did YOU meet with your local law enforcement representative?

Nah, you were prolly watching tv in your cool, air-conditioned home. I think that’s what I’ll do next year.


The Surreal Life 

Anyone laugh at this show as much I do?



It appears there’s going to be a celebration in town to mark Lance’s history making 6th Tour de France win.

I haven't posted about his win, because frankly there’s nothing I can say that hasn’t already been said. I’ll just leave it at this: he’s a great athlete who’s an inspiration to many, including yours truly. He provides an example to cancer patients and survivors everywhere that the damn sickness can be beaten and life does go on...successfully if you work hard.

I'll see y'all there.


Tuesday, August 3


So, being addicted to the Net gets you outta military service (in Finland)? Uh, ok.


Class update 

I learned my official schedule last night. I do not have any classes on Fridays this Fall semester, which sounds great, but it means the other days of the week will be pretty packed. Where most other Freshlaw classmates have one or two classes a day, I’ll have at least three. I’m a big boy, I can handle it. Friday's won’t be a day off, there’ll still be some studying going on...I imagine it’ll be worth it in the long run. Besides, at least all my finals will take place before my birthday, which this year marks the big three-oh.


One Bag? Two Bags? 

The next item I need to purchase is a backpack/book bag.

I was surfing through eBags earlier today and I’m amazed at the variety that’s out there. Back in my day we just held our books together with a belt. Nowadays there are fancy packs with wheels, which I understand is what kids today call 'da bomb'.

I guess I need to decided if I need/want one bag (that can hold books and the laptop) or two bags (a book bag and a carrying case for the laptop). Do I wanna lug around two bags or one?

Any suggestions for bags?


Laptop Part Dos 

I decided to go with a Dell. Why Dell? Well, it’s like this: Dell has a special offer on specific laptops for students at my school. Not only was it the best value for the specs I wanted, but it has a great warranty- they’ll send someone to Casa de Coob or to the law school library to fix it should it break down...and I figure at some point in the next three years, it will break down.

So I ordered it (Dell Latitude D600) a few weeks ago. When it arrived I went to Best Buy and invested in wireless router for the casa. I don’t know why I didn’t do this sooner (we have two additional laptops in the house)! Having the ability to surf the net from every room in the house rocks! I can even check email and whatnot while in the backyard. Now, all I need is a hammock on which I can rest and sip boat drinks while surfing the net during a lazy afternoon...

So far I’m very pleased with the laptop. It has a clear screen. The keyboard’s holding up well. It came with a cd burner and dvd player, which is cool (I watched Old School on it a couple of weekends ago). And it’s fast enough for me my uses. All in all, I’m very happy with it.


Monday, August 2

Classes and Profs 

Well, I’ve finally learned which section I’m in- Section 3, Group D of the Class of 2007.

I’ve been able to figure out which classes and which profs I’ll have this fall. I’ll be taking Property (5 hrs), Con Law (4 hrs), Contracts (4 hrs), and Legal Research & Writing (1 hr). Property is my writing component class as well as my "small group" class, so I don’t know when I’ll have it or with whom, but I’ve narrowed it down to two options. And the other classes are set.

And here’s the kicker- there’s a 50-50 chance I won’t have class on Fridays. And even if I do, it’ll only be one class that meets from 12:30 -1:37ish. Woo-hoo!!

When I told a co-worker about my fall schedule, he simply said, "Property and Contracts in the same semester? Good luck." What’s that mean? Any ideas?

Anyhoo, I’ve sent an email out to all alumni(ae) I know to learn as much as possible about the profs to whom I’ve been assigned. That doesn’t make a gunner does it?

So this leaves me with Civil Pro, Torts, Crim Law, and an elective for the Spring semester. Should be fun.

Giddy up.


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