Friday, May 7


It’s interesting to read blogs of law students as they prepare and take finals. The panic and stress most of them face almost makes me think twice about this whole law school bidness. What’s really interesting is the difference in attitude between 1Ls, 2Ls and 3Ls in general. But beyond that, the difference in attitude of 1Ls between when they took their first set of finals last semester and now is amazing- still somewhat frazzled, but calm, cool and collected at the same time with the confidence and maturity of a seasoned hand.


Prep Work 

When I first started reading law student blogs, I was looking for tips on prep work I could do to get a leg up before school started. Like other 0Ls, I’m a bit paranoid and anxious to get started. I’ve read some blogs...spoken to some friends who have recently graduated from law school...spoken to some friends who are current students...and I’ve spoken to some friends who have been out of school for a while...I’ve even read a couple of books (One L and Acing Your First Year of Law School). But I never considered taking a law school prep class. I don’t know why. It seems others advise against taking a prep class- saying it’s a waste of time and money. Generally folks are advising that 0Ls relax, read non-law stuff, and basically enjoy the summer. And I think that’s the path I’m going to take from here forward...more or less...with maybe a slight detour or two...


I'm eggscited 

Later this month (May 21-23) will see Texas Egg Fest 2004. Just what is the Texas Egg Fest 2004, you ask? Well, it’s an event where Eggheads from around the state will congregate for a weekend to share recipes, techniques and tips on how to cook on a Big Green Egg. And what’s a Big Green Egg, you ask? It’s only the “World’s Best Smoker and Grill”.

As a male Texan it's my duty and responsibility to learn, perfect, and share with others the art of cooking over an open flame. After Mrs. Coob and I bought our house and settled into it, my first big purchase was a Big Green Egg. I love grilling and smoking on it. Fish, chicken, steaks, pork, vegetables...it's all good when it's cooked on a BGE.


Tuesday, May 4

How time flies 

Today marks the two year anniversary of my marriage. Mrs. Coob and I said our vows on this day two years ago, but it truly seems like only a couple of months ago.

Before we'd gotten hitched, we'd heard that the first year is the hardest. After our first year, we agreed if that (the first year that had just passed) was the hardest it's going to be, then we're in for a long, good ride, because it was a pretty darn good year. Of course, it flew by in no time. We were both working on a campaign, then I went straight into a legislative session. Maybe not seeing much of each other was the key? Just kidding.

Anyhow, the second year was just as great. I guess the next hurdle for us is coping with me being in law school for the next three years. Somehow, I don't think it'll be too bad. I gather it's all about perspective. And we each have enough "life experience" to help us through it.

So, today's a special day. If you see Mrs. Coob, congratulate her for putting up with me for these past two years.


Saturday, May 1

Good morning 

I've added some more links to blogs and other sites over on the right...Four Years in Darkness is the blog of a future Dedman School of Law (SMU) student.

Cubs and Horns both lost last night. Cubs walked in a run in the bottom of the ninth with two out. Killing me. The Horns, it appears, just got out played. Let's try again today, ok fellas?

The House Select Committee of Public School Finance is supposed to pass out a bill today....the Calendars Committee is posted to meet on Monday and Rumor has it the House will take it up on the floor on Wednesday. Clock's ticking....tick, tock, tick, tock.

I don't know the particulars of this specific plan, seeing how each day brings a new deal with different changes in the proposed language. I think the Tassel Tax is gone, but the increase on tobacco products is still around as is allowing (and taxing) video lottery terminals (VLTs...slot machines) in certain racetracks and Native American reservations. I don't know where they are on decreasing property taxes, or what they are doing with the franchise tax, though. As soon as I see the language, I'll let y'all know.


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